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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: line (adj)
Definition: 1) Naval officers qualified for sea duty; officers of the line. 2) A naval force ready to be deployed into combat; ships of the line.

Term: line (n)
Definition: 1) A rope that is engaged in a specific task on board ship, such as a sheet or halyard. 2) A naval force ready to be deployed into combat. Ships of the line. 3) The line, meaning the equator.

Term: line of position (n)
Definition: A single reliable line on a chart determined by range or some other navigation technique, indicating that the vessel lies somewhere along that line. A second and third line of position at other angles will cross that line, determining a position or fix.
See Also: position, fix

Term: line squall (n)
Definition: A sudden fast moving line of violent thunderstorms generated along a cold front.

Term: liner (n)
Definition: A large ocean going passenger ship.

Term: lines (n pl)
Definition: The entire set of drawings for the construction of a boat. The lines provide exact references for all the dimensions and shapes of the hull.
See Also: loft

Term: link (n)
Definition: One of a series of interconnected metal rings forming a chain

Term: list (n)
Definition: The extent of leaning to one side of a ship that is damaged or loaded improperly.

Term: list (v)
Definition: To lean to one side because of improper loading or damage to the hull.
See Also: heel

Term: listless (adv)
Definition: Having no wind to fill the sails, give way to a ship and cause the ship to heel or list.
See Also: heel

Term: littoral (n)
Definition: A strip of seashore between the high and low water marks. Some usage includes land areas adjacent to shore and the ocean as far as the edge of the continental shelf.
See Also: foreshore

Term: littoral (adj)
Definition: Having to do with the seashore area between the high and low water marks, referring to the plant and animal life that is often found there, and ocean floor features associated with the tidal zone. This term is sometimes applied to a broader band of seashore including land areas affected by its proximity to the sea, and ocean areas near shore.

Term: lively (adv)
Definition: With spirit and enthusiasm.
See Also: look alive

Term: load line (n)
Definition: Plimsoll line. The waterline of a vessel when it is properly loaded.
See Also: Plimsoll line

Term: local mean time (n)
Definition: Local time determined by reference to the mean sun, rather than a local time zone or the actual zenith passage of the sun
See Also: mean sun

Term: local time (n)
Definition: The actual time for a meridian, not related to a time zone. In practice the only local time usable to a navigator is local noon, meaning the moment of actual zenith transit of the sun, from which can be calculated the local meridian

Term: location (n)
Definition: A position on the nearshore waters relative to a known feature such as a lighthouse, an island, or charted sounding. The term would be used only for providing information by radio. For offshore navigation, the mariner would use the terms position and fix.
See Also: position, fix

Term: loch (n)
Definition: A landlocked bay or arm of the sea in Scotland. Lake.

Term: lock (n)
Definition: A gated enclosure in a canal which connects two bodies of water that have different water levels. When a ship has entered the lock and the gate closed, the water can be raised or lowered to float the ship to the next level.
See Also: canal

Term: lock (v)
Definition: To operate a lock so that a ship can be lowered or raised to another water level.
See Also: lock (n)

Term: lockage (n)
Definition: 1) The toll paid by a ship operator to pass through a lock. 2) A series of locks in a canal or waterway. 3) The procedure for moving a ship through a lock.

Term: locker (n)
Definition: A small compartment or chest used for storage.

Term: loft, lofting (v)
Definition: To draw the lines from drawings of a boat plan full size on a floor in preparation for construction.
See Also: lines
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Term: log (n)
Definition: 1) The ship’s record book or journal, containing entries of all the important happenings on board: weather, navigation data, watch keepers’ names, sightings, and other information deemed important to the master. 2) A device for measuring the speed of the ship.
See Also: chip log, taffrail log, patent log

Term: log (v)
Definition: 1) To make an entry in the ship’s book; as in: “Be sure to log the time of departure very accurately.”

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