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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: labor, labour (v)
Definition: To work hard, referring to a ship as it struggles to make way into heavy seas; as in: “Most of the crockery was broken, she was laboring so hard.”

Term: lacing (n)
Definition: A continuous cord of line rove through grommets along the luff of a sail used for securing loosely on a stay.
See Also: hanks

Term: ladder (n)
Definition: Companionway or companion ladder. Any stepped passageway used to go from one deck to another.
See Also: companionway

Term: lading (n)
Definition: 1) The act of bailing. Ladling. 2) Loading.
See Also: bill of lading

Term: lagoon (n)
Definition: A quiet shallow bay.

Term: lake (n)
Definition: An inland body of water.

Term: laker (n)
Definition: A bulk cargo ship especially designed to fit in the Welland Locks for transiting the Great Lakes between the US and Canada.
See Also: coaster

Term: laminar flow (n)
Definition: The movement of water (or fluid) adjacent to a surface, such as the hull of a ship, or foil.

Term: lamp (n)
Definition: 1) An electric or oil fired fixture that affords general area lighting. 2) A star (archaic).

Term: land (n)
Definition: The portions of the planet not covered with water.

Term: land (v)
Definition: To put ashore. Disembark.

Term: land yacht (n)
Definition: A wheeled vehicle driven by a simple sail over land surfaces.

Term: landfall (n)
Definition: That moment when land first becomes visible on the horizon at the end of a voyage.

Term: landing craft (n)
Definition: A naval vessel that can run onto the beach to allow soldiers or cargo to disembark.
See Also: LST

Term: landlocked (adj)
Definition: Referring to a body of water that has no connection to the ocean.

Term: landlubber (n)
Definition: A derogatory term for any person who is not knowledgeable about the sea or useful on board ship.
See Also: landsman

Term: landsman (n)
Definition: A person who knows nothing about seamanship.
See Also: landlubber

Term: lantern (n)
Definition: 1) Lighthouse. 2) The glass compartment in the lighthouse where the light is mounted. 3) A portable oil lamp.
See Also: glim, light

Term: lanyard (n)
Definition: A short decorative cord on a tool making it easier to grab. 2) A short wire or line extending the shrouds from the deadeye to the chainplate. 3) A short cord for operating a whistle or bell.

Term: lap (v)
Definition: To join two planks by overlapping.

Term: lap joint (n)
Definition: A connection between two pieces of wood where the ends are overlapped and fastened together.

Term: lapstrake (adj)
Definition: Referring to a wooden boat built with overlapping planks. The fastenings are rivets or clench nails.
See Also: shiplap, clinker built

Term: larboard (n)
Definition: The port side of a vessel. Archaic and not used anymore, probably because it sounds too much like its opposite, starboard.
See Also: port, starboard, board

Term: large (adv)
Definition: Sailing with the wind abaft the beam, as in "We were sailing large and going like a scalded cat!"
See Also: broad reach

Term: large (adj)
Definition: Referring to a day marked by glorious weather and a favorable wind.

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