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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: kayak (n)
Definition: 1) A small portable Inuit canoe made of leather over frames. 2) Any boat built somewhat like the Inuit kayak.

Term: kedge (n)
Definition: A small anchor used to move a ship.

Term: kedge (v)
Definition: To move a ship using an anchor and winch. To kedge off, or to wind. The small anchor is rowed out in the desired direction and let go. The crew on board ship then hauls in the rode drawing the ship toward the anchor.
See Also: wind

Term: kedging (v)
Definition: Moving a vessel by using an anchor.

Term: keel (n)
Definition: 1) The central longitudinal structural member of a ship to which all the frames, stem and sternpost are fastened. 2) A British flat-bottomed coal ship 3) A load of coal on a coal ship. 4) A British unit of weight for coal equal to 21.2 long tonnes.

Term: keel batten (n)
Definition: A longitudinal timber alongside the top of the keel in small boats to which the garboard planking is fastened.
See Also: keel, keelson, garboard

Term: keel boat (n)
Definition: A river freight boat having a keel but a shallow draft, which was towed by ponies or poled along inland canals and waterways in Europe.

Term: keel cooler (n)
Definition: A system of pipes mounted under the hull through which engine cooling water is pumped to reduce the temperature.
See Also: heat exchanger

Term: keelhaul (v)
Definition: To punish with brutal cruelty by rigging a line completely under the ship and tying one end to the guilty sailor then hauling on the bitter end. The man would be torn on the barnacles and often drown before resurfacing on the other side.
Blog Link: http://seatalk.blogspot.com/2006/02/nautical-anachronisms.html

Term: keelson (n)
Definition: A longitudinal timber mounted atop the floor timbers and secured with bolts that penetrate into the keel. The keelson ties the floors together, thus adding strength and rigidity to the frames.

Term: keeper (n)
Definition: A person employed to manage a lighthouse.

Term: kellet (n)
Definition: A heavy weight rigged with a shackle and a recovery line to slide part way down the anchor rode in order to improve the holding power of the anchor, and to reduce some of the shock of pitching in heavy seas. In a crowded anchorage, a kellet may be used to allow a shortened rode thereby reducing the turning circle of an anchored boat. (Thanks to Miles)
See Also: sentinel, anchor, ground tackle, chum weight

Term: ketch (n)
Definition: A two-masted sailing rig with the main mast mounted somewhat forward of the beam, and a mizzen mounted forward of the rudder post.
See Also: yawl

Term: key (n)
Definition: One of a chain of small low lying tropical islands. One of the islands in the Florida keys.
See Also: cay

Term: kicker (n)
Definition: A very small outboard motor.

Term: kicking strap, kick strap (n)
Definition: Running rigging gear from the underside of the boom to the deck near the partners which, when hardened up, takes some of the twist out of the sail.
See Also: twist, downhaul

Term: killick (n)
Definition: A small anchor. A stone anchor sometimes mounted in a wooden frame.
See Also: killock, lunch hook

Term: killock (n)
Definition: Variation of "killick", meaning a stone anchor, sometimes mounted in a wooden framework.
See Also: killick

Term: kilo (n)
Definition: The phonetic term used on radio transmissions to represent the letter "k".
See Also: phonetic alphabet

Term: king plank (n)
Definition: The central plank of decking shaped to fit the adjacent planks.

Term: king post (n)
Definition: A part of the stem post protruding above deck level, or other sturdy timber mounted at the bow to support the bowsprit, bitts, anchor or other gear.
See Also: samson post, bowsprit, bitt

Term: king spoke (n)
Definition: The spoke of the ship’s wheel that is top center when the vessel is sailing straight ahead. Seamen often decorate the king spoke with whipping so that it can be identified in the dark by the feel of it.

Term: kit (n)
Definition: The personal belongings and tools of a seaman, usually stowed in a seabag.

Term: kite (n)
Definition: A slang term for a spinnaker or other light air sail.
See Also: spinnaker

Term: knee, knees (n)
Definition: Braces, usually sawn from pieces of wood having the grain running at a sharp angle matching the shape of the brace, used to provide extra support beneath deck beams and other places in a wooden boat. Knees can also be made of metal.
See Also: gusset, backing block

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