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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: J boat (n)
Definition: A class of large, fast sailing yachts popular with wealthy recreational sailors during the 1920s and 30s.

Term: jack (n)
Definition: 1) A sailor, (usually capitalized). 2) A metal bar at the head of the topgallant mast which supports the royal mast and shrouds. 3) A small national flag flown forward on a boat or ship.

Term: jack line (n)
Definition: A temporary taut line or webbing strap stretching the length of the deck or cabin top to which a seaman may attach his safety harness tether. (Thanks to Dave Dempsey)
See Also: safety line

Term: jack staff (n)
Definition: A short flag staff mounted on deck at the bow of a motorboat, for displaying the union jack.
(Click on image to enlarge.)

Term: jack stay, jackstay (n)
Definition: 1) On a square rigged ship, a wire from end to end on a yard to which the sail is laced. 2) A metal bar fastened to the mast as a track for the parrel of a yard to slide up when a squaresail is being hoisted. 3) A short stay forward of the masthead to provide stiffness and support aloft and counteract the weight and strain of the sail. 4) Any mast stay that does not extend to the deck.
See Also: standing rigging, stay

Term: jack strut (n)
Definition: A short brace over which the jack stay or jumper stay is led.
See Also: jumper stay

Term: jack tar (n)
Definition: A sailor, alluding to the abundant use of tar on board ship to caulk seams, protect against corrosion, and even to secure the seaman's hair.

Term: Jacob's ladder (n)
Definition: A rope or chain ladder that can be lowered over the side to assist boarding.
See Also: boarding ladder

Term: jam cleat (n)
Definition: A small fitting employing asymmetric rollers (cams), used in small sailboats to grab a sheet or halyard and hold it temporarily, and from which the line can be easily and quickly freed.
See Also: cam cleat, claw cleat (British)

Term: jaw (n)
Definition: One of the sides of a narrow channel.
See Also: gaff jaws

Term: jet ski (n)
Definition: A small personal craft that uses a water jet for propulsion

Term: jetsam (n)
Definition: Any of a ship’s gear or cargo that is purposely thrown overboard in an emergency. The term is derived from the word jettison, and refers to all items sacrificed to lighten the ship, whether those items sink or float.
See Also: flotsam

Term: jettison (v)
Definition: To throw cargo and gear overboard in order to lighten the vessel in danger of foundering.

Term: jetty (n)
Definition: A stone or earthworks embankment protruding from shore into the waterway to provide calm waters in its lee.

Term: jib (n)
Definition: A triangular headsail mounted to the headstay..

Term: jib headed (adj)
Definition: Describing a marconi rigged sail plan
See Also: Bermuda rig

Term: jibboom (n)
Definition: A removable spar used for mounting a flying jib forward over the bow.

Term: jibe (v)
Definition: To change tacks by steering away from the wind so that the leach of the sail swings across the eye of the wind.
See Also: wear ship

Term: jibing board (n)
Definition: A centerboard, used in some small racing class sailboats, that turns slightly to weather making the hull more stable.
See Also: centerboard

Term: jibstay (n)
Definition: Forestay on which the jib may be bent on with hanks. The cable which runs from the head of the foremost mast to the foredeck at the bow.

Term: jigger (n)
Definition: The smallest mast and sail located farthest aft. The mizzen.
See Also: mizzen

Term: joggled (adj)
Definition: Describing sawn frames fitted to the planking of a clinker-built boat, carefully notched to match the irregular shape of the inside of the hull.
See Also: sawn frames

Term: john boat (n)
Definition: Punt. A narrow flat bottomed boat that is usually poled on inland waters.

Term: jolly boat (n)
Definition: A ship’s small boat, launched from the deck.
(Click on image to enlarge.)

Term: jolly roger (n)
Definition: A pirate’s flag, featuring a white skull and crossed bones on a black field.
See Also: black jack

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