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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: instrument panel (n)
Definition: A board which displays an arrangement of instruments for easy reading.

Term: instrumentation (obj)
Definition: The sum of all the instruments on a vessel. “That boat has the latest instrumentation”

Term: intake (n)
Definition: A through fitting mounted below the waterline in a vessel to draw seawater inboard for engine cooling, or for flushing.

Term: integrated bridge (n)
Definition: A ship's operating station which employs modern computer equipment to monitor the ship's systems, display electronic charts and facilitate navigation and safety.
See Also: ECDIS

Term: interlunar (adj)
Definition: The interval when the moon is not visible. The period between the old and new moon when that body cannot be used for celestial navigation.

Term: internal ballast (n)
Definition: Heavy weights stowed deep in the bilge to increase stability.
See Also: ballast

Term: internal halyard (n)
Definition: A hoisting line which leads inside a hollow mast.
See Also: halyard

Term: intertidal (adj)
Definition: Referring to the area of ocean floor that is exposed at low tide.
See Also: littoral

Term: Intertropical Convergence (ITC) (n)
Definition: An area near the equator between the North and South trades characterized by high barometric pressure, erratic light winds, and towering cumulus clouds.
See Also: doldrums

Term: Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) (n)
Definition: A route of water courses navigable by small boats which runs almost the entire length of the Eastern seabord of the United States.
See Also: inland waterway

Term: inverter (n)
Definition: A mechanism used to change Direct Current (DC) into Alternating Current (AC)

Term: inwale (n)
Definition: A reinforcing plank installed along the inboard edge of the gunwale of a wooden boat.
See Also: clamp

Term: IO (adj)
Definition: An acronym for Inboard-Outdrive, describing an inboard engine installation all the way aft, with a drive mechanism mounted outboard on the stern

Term: Irish pennant (n)
Definition: A derisive term for a line dangling from the rigging or over the side, or a line which is improperly secured
See Also: deadman

Term: ironclad (n)
Definition: A ship that was sheathed in armour to deflect cannon fire.

Term: irons, in irons (adj)
Definition: Pertaining to the situation when a tacking sailboat does not fall off on the opposite tack, but stops in the eye of the wind and loses all way.
See Also: in stays

Term: island (n)
Definition: 1) A body of land smaller than a continent, surrounded by water. 2) The superstructure above the deck of a ship, especially an aircraft carrier.

Term: island hop (verb)
Definition: To travel in short trips from island to island on a voyage.
See Also: coast

Term: islet (n)
Definition: A small island.

Term: isobar (n)
Definition: A line on a chart indicating locations where the barometric pressure is the same.

Term: isoclineal (adj)
Definition: A line on a chart indicating locations where the inclination or dip from the horizon to magnetic north is the same.

Term: isogonic line (n)
Definition: A line on a chart indicating locations which have the same magnetic declination

Term: isotherm (n)
Definition: A line on a chart indicating locations of equal temperature.

Term: isthmus (n)
Definition: A narrow land feature connecting larger land masses.

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