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Term: ice (v)
Definition: To become coated with ice; as in: “The spars were icing, so we had to chop it off with axes.” Icing can apply great weight aloft and on deck, raising the center of gravity of the ship, and putting it in danger of capsizing.

Term: ice blink (n)
Definition: A whitish glow under distant low clouds, caused by light reflecting off sea ice or iceberg.
See Also: iceberg, sea ice

Term: ice breaker (n)
Definition: A ship specifically designed with powerful propulsion and stalwart reinforcements to the bow and underside so that it can run through ice fields. Such ships are used to reach polar regions for research, and to keep shipping lanes open.

Term: ice floe, icefloe (n)
Definition: A large sheet of sea ice that has broken off and is floating free.
See Also: iceberg, sea ice, growler, bergy bit

Term: ice fog (n)
Definition: A fog in which the moisture particles have frozen.
See Also: brume, rime ice

Term: iceberg (n)
Definition: A large floating mass of ice that has broken off a glacier. In practice, icebergs are a hazard to navigation in northern and southern polar waters. One was the cause of the sinking of the Titanic.
See Also: icefloe, sea ice, growler, bergy bit

Term: iceboat (n)
Definition: A light frame with skates and a foil that can sail very fast over frozen waterways.

Term: icebound, ice bound (adj)
Definition: Describing a ship that has become frozen in the ice and cannot move.

Term: impeller (n)
Definition: A rotor or blade in a turbine or pump.

Term: impress (v)
Definition: To force into naval service. Ship owners used to hire toughs to kidnap seaman to fill out the ship’s company. Often the poor men were drugged or had too much to drink, and awoke to find themselves at sea. Groups of such kidnappers were referred to as “the press gang.”
See Also: press gang, crimp, shanghai

Term: in ballast (adv)
Definition: 1) Referring to a passage in which no cargo was carried, usually to a destination where cargo was waiting. 2) Describing the movement of a ship which is carrying no cargo, therefore riding high on her marks; as in: “She was forced to make the return voyage in ballast.”

Term: inboard (adj)
Definition: 1) Describing the inside of a ship. 2) Describing an engine fitted inside the ship with only the end of the shaft and propeller on the outside of the hull.
See Also: outboard, outdrive

Term: inboard (adv)
Definition: Inside of the bulwarks or toward the center of a ship.

Term: inboard-outboard (n)
Definition: A powerboat with an inboard engine linked by a transmission to an outdrive rather than a propeller shaft.
See Also: outdrive

Term: inclinometer (n)
Definition: 1) An instrument to measure the degree of heeling of a vessel. 2) An instrument that determines the direction of magnetic north in relation to the horizon.
See Also: magnetic north, heel

Term: india (n)
Definition: The phonetic term used on radio transmissions to represent the letter "i".
See Also: phonetic alphabet

Term: Indian (adj)
Definition: 1) Of or relating to the Indian Ocean. 2) The nations bordering on the Indian Ocean.

Term: indication (n)
Definition: A reading from a guage or meter.

Term: inflatable (n)
Definition: A small boat made substantially of fabric that can be inflated with air pressure.

Term: inland waterway (n)
Definition: A lake, river or canal which is navigable by small craft and which is substantially protected from the sea. Frequently the rules of the road for inland waters are different from those at the coast.
See Also: Intracoastal Waterway (ICW)

Term: inlet (n)
Definition: An opening in the beach barrier through which boats can access protected bays and harbours.

Term: inshore (adv)
Definition: In the direction of the shore. “The ship was driven inshore by the storm.”

Term: inshore (adj)
Definition: Located close to shore or moving in that direction

Term: inspected vessel (n)
Definition: A ship or boat that has been specially scrutenized by a government agency and certified fit for use carrying passengers and cargo.
See Also: registered vessel, documented vessel
Blog Link: http://seatalk.blogspot.com/2005/10/are-inspected-vessels-really-safe.html

Term: instrument (n)
Definition: Any of the mechanical, electrical or electronic devices used to easily read information necessary to the safe navigation of a vessel.

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