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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: gulf stream (n)
Definition: The warm Atlantic Ocean current that originates in the western tropics passing northward off the coast of North America, then passes by Greenland, Iceland and the British Isles.

Term: gulfweed (n)
Definition: A large ocean branching algae that breaks free from the bottom and floats on air bladders.
See Also: sargassum

Term: gun salute (n)
Definition: The harmless firing of the ships cannons as a greeting when entering a foreign port, and to demonstrate that the ship was not hostile.
See Also: salute

Term: gunter (n)
Definition: A wire attached at the fore and aft ends of a gaff along which the end of the halyard can slide.
See Also: gunter rig

Term: gunter rig (n)
Definition: A small boat sail plan that features a triangular mainsail with a light spar at the luff which is hoisted vertically against a short mast.
See Also: gunter

Term: gunwale (n)
Definition: The top edge of the topsides of a vessel, derived from the place where you rest your gun to take aim.
See Also: open gunwale

Term: gusset (n)
Definition: A type of knee built into the framing to strengthen and support the chine.
See Also: knee

Term: guy (n)
Definition: The line leading from the temporary tack of the spinnaker sail.
See Also: spinnaker

Term: guyot (n)
Definition: A seamount with a flattened top.
See Also: seamount, bank

Term: gybe (v)
Definition: Jibe.
See Also: jibe

Term: gypsy (n)
Definition: A special wheel on a winch shaped to accommodate the links of an anchor chain.
See Also: chainwheel, wildcat

Term: gyrocompass (n)
Definition: A compass that contains a gyroscope which is kept level so that it orients itself with True North.
See Also: magnetic compass

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