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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: grave (v)
Definition: To clean a ship’s bottom and paint or pay with pitch.

Term: graving (n)
Definition: The process of removing a weak spot, such as a knot, from a ship’s timbers and patching the hole with a rectangular block of solid wood.

Term: graving dock (n)
Definition: A dry dock. A cofferdam where a ship can be secured and the facility pumped out so that work can be done on the bottom.
See Also: drydock, cofferdam

Term: great circle (n)
Definition: A course line on the surface of the earth which follows a plane passing through the center of the earth. In practice, a great circle describes the shortest distance between any two points on earth. All meridians are great circles, as is the equator. 2) In celestial navigation, a plane that is perpendicular to the axis of the earth.
See Also: rhumb line, meridian, small circle

Term: great ship (n)
Definition: An especially large and spectacular ship which was used to demonstrate the power of a nation.

Term: green water (n)
Definition: Water that is not broken up into spray as it comes over the deck in foul weather, as in: “Better slow down..we’re taking green water over the starboard bow.”

Term: Greenwich Mean Time (pron: grennich) (n)
Definition: The standard for time, referring to Greenwich, England where a very precise laboratory clock is maintained. Radio signals from the laboratory transmit precise time to navigators around the world. Also known as Greenwich time).

Term: groaner (n)
Definition: A whistle buoy emitting a deep sound. The air for the whistle is created by a weighted bellows which moves with the action of the seas.
See Also: buoy, bell buoy, gong

Term: grog (n)
Definition: An alcoholic drink, rum diluted with water, sometimes mixed with lemon juice and sugar. Rum once was a staple on board ship, and considered a part of a sailor’s pay. The term derives from Admiral Edward Vernon, affectionately know as “Old Grog”, who supplied diluted rum to the navy. The term is shortened from grogram, a coarse fabric often worn by the Admiral.

Term: groggy (adj)
Definition: Sleepy or not able to think clearly, as when drunk.
See Also: grog

Term: groin (n)
Definition: A sturdy structure of large stones, timbers or cement built perpendicular to a beach to reduce erosion

Term: grommet (n)
Definition: An eyelet or reinforcing ring which protects an opening in fabric from tearing under strain. Commonly grommets are pressed or sewn into sails and tarps where a sheet or other line is attached.
See Also: cringle

Term: gross tonnage (n)
Definition: A measurement of the entire capacity of a ship expressed as one gross ton for each 100 cubic feet of internal volume. This measurement includes all spaces belowdeck, as well as permanent above deck structures, and includes spaces that are not used for cargo.

Term: ground (n)
Definition: The bottom; as in: “...the fishing ground.”

Term: ground (v)
Definition: To run the ship onto the bottom.

Term: ground scatter (n)
Definition: Meaningless radar returns caused by interference.
See Also: scatter

Term: ground swell (n)
Definition: The massive generalized vertical movement of the sea. This is an unscientific term for deep ocean waves with a very long period.
See Also: swell

Term: ground tackle (n)
Definition: All of the parts of an anchoring system, including the anchor, chain, cable or rope and shackles.
See Also: tackle, anchor

Term: grounding (n)
Definition: The act or situation of running a vessel onto the bottom, as in "These shoals have caused many a grounding."
See Also: ground, aground

Term: group flashing (adj)
Definition: Describing the light characteristic of a lighted aid to navigation, where the light shows several flashes followed by a more prolonged dark phase.
See Also: flashing, occulting, fixed

Term: growler (n)
Definition: A small piece of an iceberg about the size of a house, up to 50 feet long and about 15 feet above the surface. They often have a dark or greenish color.
See Also: iceberg, bergy bit, sea ice

Term: groyne (archaic spelling) (n)
Definition: Groin
See Also: groin

Term: GRP (n)
Definition: Glass Reinforced Plastic, the British term for fiberglass. Some prefer the acronym GFRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic)
See Also: fiberglass

Term: gudgeons (n)
Definition: The female part of a rudder brace, flush fitted into the rudder post or transom to accept the pintle which is mounted on the rudder. Two or more pairs are mounted to form a pivot for the rudder.
See Also: pintle

Term: gulf (n)
Definition: A body of water branching off an ocean or sea, as in "There are often whales in the Gulf of St. Laurence."

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