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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: glory hole (n)
Definition: A small locker which opens from the top, usually located below deck at the stern, where random tools and ropes are stored.
See Also: lazaret

Term: Gloucester schooner (n)
Definition: Any of the handsome fishing schooners built around Gloucester, Massachusetts in the 19th C, characterized by a clipper bow, a long run aft and gaff rig.
See Also: friendship sloop

Term: go about (v)
Definition: To tack or turn the ship through the eye of the wind and fill the sails on the opposite side.
See Also: tack, come about

Term: go by the boards (v)
Definition: To wash over the side. To be lost overboard. The term carries the sense of the futility of ever hoping to see the item or person again
See Also: deep six

Term: go down (v)
Definition: To sink or submerge. Usually in the past tense; as in: “She went down in the Strait of Georgia.”

Term: go overboard (v)
Definition: To take extreme measures, suggesting an effort beyond sense or reason. This expression probably originated ashore using seafaring imagery.
See Also: overboard, board

Term: gob (n)
Definition: A sailor.
See Also: tar

Term: gold plater (adj)
Definition: Describing an expensive and usually ostentatious yacht.
See Also: superyacht, yacht

Term: golf (n)
Definition: The phonetic term used on radio transmissions to represent the letter "g".
See Also: phonetic alphabet

Term: gondola (n)
Definition: A long narrow boat used in the canals of Venice, Italy. The term was also used in the U.S. to describe a flat-bottomed river boat.

Term: gondolier (n)
Definition: The operator of a gondola. The boat is propelled by sculling a long sweep from the high deck aft.

Term: gong (n)
Definition: A sound buoy aid to navigation employing four gongs of different pitch, each with its own clapper. The gongs sound as the sea action makes the buoy move.
See Also: bell, whistle, horn

Term: gooseneck (n)
Definition: The fitting at the forward end of a boom on a modern sailing vessel which connects the boom to the mast, or the mast track.
See Also: jaws

Term: goosewing jibe (n)
Definition: A half jibe, where the lower part of the sail swings across the eye of the wind, but the upper part remains twisted to the opposite side.
See Also: jibe

Term: governor (n)
Definition: A mechanism on an engine which automatically restricts the speed.

Term: GPS (n)
Definition: Acronym for Global Positioning System, referring to an electronic instrument that determines position accurately by interacting with several orbiting satellites.
See Also: SATNAV

Term: grab rail (n)
Definition: A solidly built railing which is mounted conveniently alongside passageways offering the seaman a secure handhold while moving about the ship.

Term: grampus (n)
Definition: A small whale (Grampus griseus). Often the term is used to describe any of the small cetaceans, such as the pilot whale or killer whale.

Term: Grand Banks (n)
Definition: The relatively shallow seas offshore of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, once famous for dense schools of codfish.
See Also: bank

Term: granny knot (n)
Definition: An incorrectly tied reef knot.
See Also: knot, hitch

Term: grapnel (n)
Definition: A small anchor with four or five flukes, used for anchoring a small skiff. Such an anchor might be used as a day anchor to hold a boat during temporary stops. This kind of anchor is also used to drag the bottom hoping to snag lost equipment.
See Also: lunch hook

Term: grapple (n)
Definition: A hook used to fasten to an enemy ship. Grapnel.
See Also: grapnel

Term: grapple (v)
Definition: 1) To throw hooks or grapnels onto an enemy ship and secure it alongside so that it can be boarded. 2) To drag a grapnel on the bottom hoping to snag lost equipment.
See Also: grapnel, grappling hook

Term: grappling hook (n)
Definition: A small lightweight anchor used for hooking items on the bottom so they can be retrieved.
See Also: grapnel

Term: grappling iron (n)
Definition: 1) A hook used for grappling an enemy ship. 2) A hook with many flukes used for dragging the bottom for lost gear.
See Also: grappling hook, grapnel

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