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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: free (adj)
Definition: favorable, referring to the wind when it blows from a direction allowing the vessel to reach or run; as in: “Square riggers are fast in a free wind.”

Term: free (adv)
Definition: Having the wind blowing from a direction enough off the bow to allow the vessel to reach or run, or with the wind more than 6 points off the bow.

Term: free (v)
Definition: To disentangle or remove fastenings; as in: “Free the jib sheet.”

Term: free alongside ship (FAS) (adj or adv)
Definition: Referring to cargo which is delivered to the dock without assessing shipping charges, at which point the buyer assumes responsibility for it.
See Also: free on board (FOB)

Term: free on board (FOB) (adv or adj)
Definition: Referring to cargo delivered and placed on board the ship without charge, at which point the buyer assumes responsibility. Compare: free alongside ship.
See Also: free alongside ship (FAS)

Term: free port (n)
Definition: A specially designated harbour, or portion of a harbour, where merchandise may be shipped or received without paying customs duty.

Term: freeboard (n)
Definition: The vertical distance between the water and the gunwale of a boat; as in: “She doesn’t have enough freeboard for a sea boat.”
See Also: freeboard deck

Term: freeboard deck (n)
Definition: That deck of a ship below which all compartments can be made watertight.

Term: freebooter (n)
Definition: A pirate, plunderer, adventurer. The term comes from the word “booty”, the spoils of battle.
See Also: pirate, picaroon

Term: freedom of the seas (n)
Definition: The right, guaranteed by international law, for a merchant vessel to sail any international waters, either in war or peacetime.

Term: freestanding (adj)
Definition: Having no supporting stays or shrouds (referring to a mast); as in: the Sunfish is rigged with a freestanding mast. Such rigs are used for dories or small sailboats only, and the mast is supported by the step and the partners.
See Also: step, partners

Term: freighter (n)
Definition: A ship designed and employed principally to carry dry cargo; as in: “Does that ship look like a tanker or a freighter?”

Term: frequency (n)
Definition: The number of oscillations per second of an electromagnetic emission, expressed in megacycles or kilocycles per second. A numeric scale used for tuning a radio transmitter or receiver.

Term: frequency modulation (FM) (n)
Definition: A radio signal which is modulated by varying the frequency. Such radio transmitters are often used for low power, short distance transmissions such as around a harbour, or between two vessels at sea. The FM signal is free of most atmospheric interference.
See Also: amplitude modulation (AM)

Term: fresh breeze (n)
Definition: A wind strength between 19 and 24 miles per hour.
See Also: Beaufort scale

Term: fresh gale (n)
Definition: A wind strength of 39 to 46 miles per hour.
See Also: Beaufort scale

Term: fresh water (n)
Definition: 1) Waters, such as lakes and rivers which contain little or no salt. 2) Drinkable water.
See Also: salt water

Term: freshen (v)
Definition: To grow in strength (referring to the wind); as in: “The winds are calm in the morning, but usually freshen in the afternoon”

Term: Fresnel lens (pron: freh-nell) (n)
Definition: A thick glass cover for a lamp or light, having lens sections which concentrate the beam of light. Named after the 19th century scientist, Augustin Fresnel, the echelon lens is still used in lighthouses, spotlights, signal lights and anchor lights.

Term: fret (v)
Definition: To chafe or rub.
See Also: chafe

Term: Friendship sloop (n)
Definition: A lovely and graceful gaff sloop used for fishing and lobstering along the Maine coast since 1880, and now much admired as a yacht. Friendship Sloop Society
See Also: gloucester schooner

Term: frigate (n)
Definition: 1) A U.S. Navy ship larger than a destroyer and smaller than a cruiser. 2) A square rigged naval vessel larger than a corvette and smaller than a ship of the line. The USS Constitution was the first frigate built for the US Navy, and can still be visited in Boston Harbour. 3) In some countries the term designates a coastal defence ship somewhat smaller than a destroyer.

Term: front (n)
Definition: The boundary between two air masses of different temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. As one air mass pushes under or over the other, there occurs a change in the weather, often high winds, storms and wind shifts. The location and movement of such boundaries are reported on weather maps.

Term: frostbiter (n)
Definition: A sailor who races or sails his boat in the winter

Term: frostbiting (n)
Definition: The sailing, or especially racing of sailboats in the winter.

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