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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: foreshore (n)
Definition: The area of a beach between the high and low water marks.
See Also: littoral

Term: forestay (n)
Definition: The cable or line in the standing rigging which runs from the head of the foremost mast to the foredeck at the bow.

Term: forestaysail (pron: for stay s'l) (n)
Definition: A triangular sail secured to the forestay with hanks.
See Also: forestay

Term: foretop (n)
Definition: A platform mounted at the head of a ship’s foremast.

Term: foretopmast (pron: for top m'st) (n)
Definition: A mast mounted upon and extending above the top of the foremast.

Term: foretopsail (pron: for top s'l) (n)
Definition: A sail flown from the foretopmast, above the foresail.

Term: foretriangle (n)
Definition: The triangular space forward in a sailing vessel bordered by the foredeck, foremast and forestay.

Term: foreyard (n)
Definition: The lowest yard on the foremast.
See Also: yard

Term: forms (n pl)
Definition: The station shapes of a boat over which the steamed frames are bent.
See Also: molds

Term: forward (adj or adv)
Definition: At, toward or near the bow of a vessel; as in: “Go forward and bear a hand with the anchor.”

Term: fother (v)
Definition: To temporarily control a leak by drawing a sail under the hull and allowing the water pressure to seal the hole. (Thanks to Pat Synge)

Term: foul (v)
Definition: 1) To become jammed or entangled; as in “The sheet needs a fairlead so it won’t foul in the anchor winch.” 2) To unfairly cause a privileged vessel in a race to alter heading in order to avoid a collision, or to collide with a privileged vessel.
See Also: privileged

Term: foul (adj)
Definition: 1) Describing the ocean floor when it is unsuitable for anchoring because of sediment, slick mud, debris or rocks. 2) Describing stormy weather

Term: foul (n)
Definition: In sailboat racing, an entanglement or collision between two boats.

Term: foul weather gear (n)
Definition: Rain slicker, waterproof hat and boots and any other such personal clothing that protects a seaman from the cold and wet.
See Also: sou'wester, oilskins

Term: found (v)
Definition: Constructed, especially referring to the basic elements of a vessel such as the keel, frames and hull; as in: “She is sturdy and well found.”
See Also: well found

Term: founder (v)
Definition: To lie helpless and sinking; as in: “The ship had lost power, and was about to founder on the reef.” To fill up with water.

Term: four oceans (n)
Definition: The four large bodies of water covering most of the surface of the planet: The Atlantic Ocean, The Pacific Ocean, The Indian Ocean and The Arctic Ocean.
See Also: seven seas
Blog Link: http://seatalk.blogspot.com/2006/04/seven-seas.html

Term: foxtrot (n)
Definition: The phonetic term used on radio transmissions to represent the letter "f".
See Also: phonetic alphabet

Term: fractional rig (n)
Definition: A design of sailboat rigging in which the forstay is attached below the top of the mast, and the mast is stepped slightly forward of a typical masthead rig.
See Also: Three quarter rig

Term: frame (v)
Definition: To mount the transverse structural members on the keel in preparation for planking. To install frames during construction of a boat, giving the hull its shape.

Term: frames (n pl)
Definition: Transverse structural members of a ship, mounted on the keel and shaped to the lines of the hull.The bent or sawn timbers fitted across the keel which form the hull shape and provide the structure to which planks are fastened.

Term: frap (v)
Definition: To bind with ropes or cables.(Ancient ships sometimes used frapping called "helps" running under the hull from the shroud chainplates to keep the planking from opening under the strain.)
See Also: help, seize

Term: frapping (n)
Definition: Rope or cable bindings used to strengthen or reinforce parts that are under great strain.
See Also: frap, help, seizing

Term: freak wave (n)
Definition: A sea wave of enormous height, much larger than the prevailing seas.
See Also: rogue wave

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