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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: fogbow (n)
Definition: An arc of white or yellowish light sometimes observed in the fog, probably caused by light refraction in the suspended water droplets.

Term: foggy (adj)
Definition: Having an abundance of fog, or having visibility reduced or obscured by fog.

Term: foghorn, fog horn (n)
Definition: An acoustical signalling device, operated at regular intervals, which produces a loud sound to indicate the position of a ship or lighthouse in the fog or when visibility is obscured.
See Also: bell, groaner

Term: foil (n)
Definition: Hydrofoil.
See Also: hydrofoil

Term: foldboat (n)
Definition: A small collapsible canoe.
See Also: faltboat

Term: folk boat (n)
Definition: A simple, small double ended sailboat designed and built for strength and safety. During the second world war the boats were sometimes packaged as a rescue craft and could be dropped from aircraft to sailors in distress.

Term: folkboat (n)
Definition: A simple Scandinavian sloop, usually clinker built, with a deep cockpit and small cabin. In Sweden, the design is known as the Noridska Folkbaten or people's boat.
See Also: sloop, clinker built

Term: following sea (adj)
Definition: Ocean waves fetching in the same direction as the heading of a vessel, usually catching up with the vessel and passing under the keel. A following sea gives the vessel a slow pitching action, and makes steering difficult since the seas counteract the normal function of the rudder, and can in the extreme cause a vessel to broach.
See Also: broach

Term: foot (n)
Definition: The bottom edge of a triangular marconi rig sail.

Term: footing (v)
Definition: To make good speed in a sailboat; as in: “She was really footing along.”

Term: footrope (n)
Definition: 1) A line or cable suspended somewhat slack under a yard or sprit on which crewmen can stand while furling sails, or on which they can brace their feet when working outboard. 2) A rope sewn into the foot of a sail to protect and strengthen.

Term: footwell (n)
Definition: A boxed opening in the deck of a small sailboat affording more comfortable seating for helmsman and passengers.
See Also: well

Term: force (adj)
Definition: A description of the strength of the wind using the Beaufort Scale, always employed with the appropriate strength number; as in: “When the wind is force eight we take down all sails except the storm trysail.”
See Also: Beaufort scale

Term: fore (adv)
Definition: At or near or in the direction of the bow; as in: “Always use the fore pin to secure the halyard.”

Term: fore and aft (adj)
Definition: Having the luff of the sails bent on the masts, instead of sails that are suspended across the masts as in a square rigged vessel, as in: “All modern sailboats are fore and aft rigged because that makes them able to point higher.”

Term: fore and aft (adv)
Definition: The length of the vessel, from stem to stern: as in: “Swab down fore and aft.”

Term: forecastle, fo'c's'l (pron: folk'sl) (n)
Definition: A compartment forward of the mast where the seamen have their berths. The foreward most compartment in a sailboat.

Term: foredeck (n)
Definition: The part of the ship’s main deck that lies near the bow.

Term: forefoot (n)
Definition: The area of a ship’s hull where the keel and stem are joined.

Term: forehook (n)
Definition: The large rabbet joint between the keel and the stem timbers.

Term: foremast (n)
Definition: The vertical spar stepped nearest the bow.

Term: forepeak (n)
Definition: The compartment under the main deck at the extreme bow, used for stowage of the anchor rode, ballast and other equipment.

Term: forereach (v)
Definition: 1) To overtake another vessel on a windward tack. 2) To gain ground on the destination on a windward tack.

Term: foresail (pron: for's'l) (n)
Definition: 1) The lowest sail on the forward mast of a square rigged vessel. 2) The lower sail of a schooner’s foremast. 3) A forestaysail.

Term: foresheet (n)
Definition: 1) The line used to adjust the angle of a foresail to the wind. 2) The forward inboard area of an open boat, sometimes fitted with a small seat.

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