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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: flagship (n)
Definition: The ship of a fleet which carries the commander of the fleet and which flies his flag.

Term: flagstaff (n)
Definition: A spar used exclusively for displaying the national flag at the stern

Term: flail (v)
Definition: To flap wildly in the wind, as a sail which has torn free of its halyard or sheet.

Term: flake (v)
Definition: To loosely lay out a piece of cordage on the deck ready for easy use. In practice, a seaman will lay out the line in the shape of a large figure of eight to keep the line from hockling.
See Also: fake, hockle

Term: flam (n)
Definition: The area of the topsides that flares outward just below deck level foreward.
See Also: flare

Term: flame arrester (n)
Definition: A screen mounted over the carburetor air intake to control dangerous backfires.

Term: flank speed (n)
Definition: The fastest speed of which a ship is capable. The term is used exclusively aboard warships to describe an emergency speed which is employed only in special situations disregarding economy or wear of the vessel.

Term: flanking rudders (n)
Definition: Extra rudders mounted on either side of the drive shafts forward of the propeller to allow improved manoeuvrability astern, especially for tow vessels. (Thanks to Capt. Wayne Shull)
See Also: backing rudders, tow boat, tug boat

Term: flare (n)
Definition: 1) The outward-spreading hull shape at the bow of certain powerboats which deflects sea and spray and affords more deck area forward. 2) A combustible signal light which can be hand-held or fired into the air from a gun as a distress signal.
See Also: distress signal

Term: flare (v)
Definition: To spread outwards, describing the shape of a powerboat at a station aft of the bow.

Term: flashing (adj)
Definition: Describing the light characteristic of a lighted aid to navigation where the lighted and unlighted phases are equal in duration.
See Also: occulting, fixed, group flashing

Term: flashpoint (n)
Definition: The lowest temperature at which vapours from a volatile fluid will ignite; as in: “Diesel fuel has a higher flashpoint than gasoline.”

Term: flat (n)
Definition: A broad area of shallow water.

Term: flat bottom (adj)
Definition: Referring to a simple hull design employed in scows, punts, skiffs, dories and sharpies, where the underwater portion has a relatively flat shape. The design is suitable for protected waters only, unless built in very sizable proportions.

Term: flatboat (n)
Definition: A barge, especially one suited for shallow waters.

Term: flaw (n)
Definition: A sudden gust of wind, or a brief storm.

Term: flax (n)
Definition: A material woven from the fibres of the flax plant and once used to make high-quality heavy sails.

Term: fled block (n)
Definition: That part of a block and tackle system which is attached to the permanent support.
See Also: standing block

Term: fleet (n)
Definition: 1) A number of ships under a single command. 2) A number of ships operating together as a body. 3) A group of racing sailboats, or sailboats of the same design; as in: “The Laser fleet is racing on Sunday.”

Term: fleet admiral (n)
Definition: The highest ranking officer in the navy, whose insignia is five stars.

Term: flemish, flemish down (v)
Definition: To lay out a decorative tight coil of line on deck.

Term: flemish, or flemish flake (n)
Definition: A spiral coil of line laid out on deck in one layer so that it looks decorative and can be walked on. This is not considered good practice because the line does not dry properly, collects dirt and may hockle when it is next used.
See Also: fake, hockle

Term: flight deck (n)
Definition: The top deck of an aircraft carrier from which the aircraft are launched.

Term: flint glass (n)
Definition: A specially formulated glass that is used for running lights and lamps on board ship and at lighted aids to navigation

Term: float (n)
Definition: 1) A small buoy marking the location of a mooring or trap. 2) An apparatus such as a hollow glass ball or cork which is attached to a fishing net to provide buoyancy.

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