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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: finish (n)
Definition: 1) The final coat of paint or varnish, applied with care to insure a good appearance. 2) The coatings applied over the surfaces of a vessel to provide protection and good appearance. 3) The end of a boat race.

Term: finishing piece (n)
Definition: A wood fitting mounted over the top of the frames and the sheer plank of small boats.
See Also: cap, covering board

Term: finn (n)
Definition: A class of small racing sailboats, or a boat of that class.

Term: fiord (n)
Definition: Fjord
See Also: fjord

Term: fireboat (n)
Definition: A vessel equipped with firefighting apparatus used to fight fires on board ships or along the shore.
See Also: fireship

Term: fireman (n)
Definition: A navy enlisted man who specialises in machinery and engines.

Term: fireship (n)
Definition: A vessel which was filled with explosives or combustible materials, then sailed or allowed to drift with wind and current among enemy ships where it was was detonated. (archaic)
See Also: fireboat

Term: first mate (n)
Definition: The deck officer who is second in command after the captain.
See Also: mate

Term: first rate (adj)
Definition: The top of the line of British warships, referring to large triple-decked ship-rigged vessels carrying up to 120 cannons.
See Also: rate, ship rig

Term: firth (n)
Definition: The mouth of a river.
See Also: estuary

Term: fish (n)
Definition: A spinner or rotator towed at the end of a line attached to a taffrail log to measure the speed of a vessel through the water.
See Also: dart, rotator

Term: fish finder (n)
Definition: A sounding device which displays a visual representation of the depth of fish swimming under the vessel.
See Also: depth sounder

Term: fisherman (n)
Definition: 1) A person who tries to catch fish. 2) A vessel specially equipped for fishing. 3) A staysail set between the masts of a schooner.
See Also: staysail, schooner

Term: fisherman's bend (n)
Definition: A manner of securing a line to an anchor ring or spar in which the line is wrapped twice around and then led through both loops. This bend becomes tighter under strain, so it is often used for securing a line to a piling or to a light anchor.
See Also: knot, hitch

Term: fishplate (n)
Definition: A steel plate covering a butt joint.

Term: fit (v)
Definition: To install equipment on board; as in: “After ten years the owner decided to fit the ship with more powerful engines.”

Term: fitting (n)
Definition: Any of the numerous pieces of small standardised hardware found on a ship.

Term: fix (n)
Definition: A determination of the exact location of a ship by bearings, celestial calculations, radar, or satellite navigation instruments; as in: “The sky cleared for the morning sight, so I was able to get a good fix.”
See Also: position, line of position

Term: fixed (adj)
Definition: Describing the light characteristic of a lighted aid to navigation where the light is always showing.
See Also: occulting, fixed, flashing

Term: fjord (n)
Definition: A narrow inlet from the sea bordered by steep highlands, and believed to have been carved by ancient glaciers. Such inlets are typical of the Scandinavian coast.

Term: flag (n)
Definition: 1) A rectangular piece of material emblazoned with emblems representing a nationality, and flown from a staff at the stern or from the leach of the after sail. 2) A piece of material with shape, design and color representing standard phrases, letters and numbers, and used for signalling by displaying on a halyard.
See Also: pennant

Term: flag (v)
Definition: To diminish or lose strength, referring to the wind.

Term: flag of convenience (n)
Definition: An ensign for a nation other than the actual home of a ship, under which flag the ship is registered to take advantage of that nation’s maritime laws; as in:”She’s flying a Liberian flag, but that’s a flag of convenience. She’s actually owned by Americans.”

Term: flag officer (n)
Definition: Any officer of the American navy or coast guard above the rank of captain, entitled to display a flag bearing one or more stars as an emblem of his rank.

Term: flagman (n)
Definition: A navy specialist in signalling with semaphore flags.

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