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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: deck beams (n)
Definition: Timbers let into the clamps and running side to side to support the deck.

Term: deck shoes (n)
Definition: Any footwear featuring soft, non-slip soles that will provide good traction and avoid doing damage to the deck.

Term: decked (adj)
Definition: Fitted with a deck or permanent covering over the vessel between the gunwales.
See Also: open boat

Term: deckhand (n)
Definition: An ordinary seaman who performs routine labor on board ship; as in: “Never ask an officer to do the job of a deckhand, or vice versa.”
See Also: seaman

Term: deckhouse (n)
Definition: An enclosed structure built on the ship's upper or main deck, usually the navigating station though the term can refer to any simple superstructure on deck, as in: "Go into the deckhouse and dry off."
See Also: cabin

Term: decking (n)
Definition: The material used to make a deck; as in: “Good decking is durable, easy to clean, and not slippery.”

Term: decklight (n)
Definition: A heavy prism or glass port mounted in the deck or cabin top to allow daylight below.
See Also: deadlight, skylight

Term: decklog (n)
Definition: A full written record of all the daily events of a voyage maintained by the captain.
See Also: captain's log

Term: declination (n)
Definition: 1) The angular distance North or South of the celestial equator measured along a great circle passing through the celestial poles. One of the values found in celestial tables and used by the navigator to calculate a star line. 2) The angle between the compass indication of magnetic north and the closest meridian

Term: decommission (v)
Definition: To formally take a ship out of service and relieve the crew of duty. The ship is usually converted to other use, or stored, or scrapped; as in: “After the war, the admiralty decided to decommission many of the navy’s great warships.”
See Also: commission

Term: deep (adj or adv)
Definition: 1) Having a depth more than the mark on a sounding line; as in: “By the deep: five fathoms!” 2) Profound, referring to the extreme depths of mid-ocean waters.

Term: deep sea (adj)
Definition: Pertaining to offshore ocean areas, though not necessarily off the continental shelf; as in: “His father was skipper of a deep sea fishing boat.”
See Also: offshore, deeps, abyss

Term: deep six (n)
Definition: 1) Deep water. Water deeper than the leadline can measure. More than six fathoms; as in “When the man measuring soundings calls out “By the deep: six!” you know there is plenty of water under the keel. 2) To throw overboard. To discard; as in: “Just because the clock stopped working you did not have to give it the deep six.”
See Also: leadline, sounding

Term: deep, deeps (n)
Definition: Areas of profound depths of water found in mid-ocean and in oceanic trenches.
See Also: abyss, deep sea

Term: degree (n)
Definition: One of the parts of a circle marked off in 360 equal sections. The term is used for course directions on board ship to a point on the ship’s compass indicating an angle Eastward from magnetic or True North; as in: “Come right to 120 degrees.”

Term: delamination (n)
Definition: A separation of the layers of plywood caused by stress and dissolution of the adhesives; as in: “Delamination is a common problem on plywood boats.”

Term: delta (n)
Definition: The phonetic term used on radio transmissions to represent the letter "d".
See Also: phonetic alphabet

Term: departure (n)
Definition: 1) The distance due East or West made by a ship on a crossing. 2) The beginning or known position from which all subsequent dead reckoning is calculated. 3) The point at which a new course is set.
See Also: position, dead reckoning

Term: depth (n)
Definition: 1) The vertical distance from the surface to the bottom of a body of water. 2) One of the admeasurement of a ship, indicating the interior distance from the upper deck to the deepest part of the bilge.

Term: depth charge (n)
Definition: An explosive device launched from a ship to attack a submerged submarine.

Term: depth sounder (n)
Definition: An electronic instrument which measures the depth of the water.
See Also: fathometer

Term: derelict (n)
Definition: 1) A ship which has been abandoned but remains afloat. 2) A ship that is run down and dilapidated from being left untended.

Term: desertion (n)
Definition: The act of purposely and unlawfully taking leave of responsibility for a vessel, or for a crewmember to unlawfully leave his duties on a vessel.
See Also: jump ship

Term: design (n)
Definition: 1) The concept of the shape, size and building details of a ship illustrated by the marine architect in drawings of the lines of the vessel; as in: “William Atkins made a design similar to the Norwegian rescue boats.” 2) A type of vessel identical to others built using the same lines; as in: “That looks like a stonehorse design”
See Also: one design, one off

Term: design (v)
Definition: To illustrate a concept for a ship by drawing a scale representation of the vessel’s lines.

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