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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: collingwood skiff (n)
Definition: A lapstrake double-ended fishing boat of the late 19th century on Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. The boats were usually about 20-25 feet long, and carried a gaff or sprit rig and a centerboard. Like many fishing skiffs, the design was a modification of the drontheim from Scotland and Ireland.
See Also: watts skiff, drontheim

Term: collision (n)
Definition: An event when two vessels under way strike together.
See Also: allision

Term: collision bulkhead (n)
Definition: A watertight bulkhead built into some vessels to preserve flotation in the event of a bow collision

Term: collision course (n)
Definition: A situation in navigation in which a vessel will collide with another vessel unless one or both vessels alter course, or stop; as in: “If the relative bearing of another vessel does not change noticeably you are on a collision course.”

Term: colors (n)
Definition: The national flag of a vessel. Ensign
See Also: ensign

Term: COLREGS (n)
Definition: Abbreviation for "Collision Regulations", referring to the "International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea".
See Also: collision, right of way

Term: comber (n)
Definition: A long, breaking ocean wave.

Term: come about (v)
Definition: To steer the vessel across the eye of the wind to the opposite tack. To tack; as in: Ready to come about! Hard alee!
See Also: tack

Term: command (n)
Definition: 1) An order or direction given by a ship’s officer to a crewmember. 2) Under command describes a vessel operating according to the authority or direction of a legitimate ship’s officer, or having the capacity to respond to orders or directions. Not under command may mean that the vessel is underway but has no means of steering or propulsion

Term: commission (n)
Definition: 1) A document authorising a ship to be employed for specific tasks and responsibilities. 2) Operational. In commission; having all equipment in working order and ready for service; Out of commission: having one or more vital systems not functioning. 3) A document giving a military officer his command authority.

Term: commission (v)
Definition: To place a ship in service. To launch a ship, usually with ceremony, and place her in service with specific operational tasks or responsibilities; as in: “The queen was present to commission the new ship.”
See Also: decommission

Term: committee boat (n)
Definition: The boat carrying the officials of a sailboat race.

Term: companion ladder (n)
Definition: Companionway. Any stepped passageway used to go from one deck to another.

Term: companionway (n)
Definition: A stairway on a ship leading from one deck to another, as in: "If you sit in the companionway nobody can pass by you." 2) Any stepped passageway used to go from one deck to another. (Lubbers beware: stairs, stairways, upstairs and downstairs do not exist on board ship.
See Also: companion ladder, ladder

Term: company (n)
Definition: All of the officers and crewmembers with assigned duties on a ship, as in: "There are 40 men in the ship's company."

Term: compartment (n)
Definition: An enclosed, or partly enclosed area on board ship, which has a specific limited function, such as for living quarters, storage, or machinery.

Term: compass (n)
Definition: 1) Any instrument whether magnetic or not which indicates the direction of the ship in relation to True or Magnetic North. 2) An adjustable guage used by the navigator to measure scale distances on a chart.
See Also: gyrocompass, magnetic compass, telltale

Term: compass card (n)
Definition: 1) A flat disc mounted on the needle of a ship’s magnetic compass so as to swing freely, having the 32 points of the compass or the 360 degrees of a circle printed around the perimeter, as in: “The compass card should be illuminated with a red light so as not interfere with the helmsman’s night vision” 2) A similar card mounted in a gyrocompass.
See Also: gyrcompass

Term: compass course (n)
Definition: A direction of travel described by the angle of the keel of the vessel to magnetic north. Magnetic course.
See Also: magnetic

Term: compass error (n)
Definition: The total of all factors which might cause a particular compass to show inaccurate readings. Those factors are variation and deviation, and the navigator must make corrections for these known inaccuracies when calculating a magnetic steering course.
See Also: variation, deviation

Term: compass rose (n)
Definition: 1) The circular design on the compass card illustrating the 32 points of sailing or the 360 degree gradations of a circle. 2) The compass illustration printed on a chart indicating True and Magnetic North at that location.
See Also: compass, compass card

Term: complement (n)
Definition: A ship’s company. The entire crew of a ship when it is fully manned.

Term: con (n)
Definition: The position of responsibility and authority for the operation and steering of a ship; as in: “I will be in my cabin Mr. Sayers. You have the con”
See Also: watch officer, conning tower

Term: confused seas (n)
Definition: Ocean waves progressing in several directions at once. Crossing seas.
See Also: sea state

Term: conning tower (n)
Definition: 1) An alternate bridge position located high atop the sail of certain older submarines from which the boat could be operated when on the surface. 2) An armoured pilothouse on certain warships.
See Also: con, watch officer

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