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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: close reach (n)
Definition: Sailing with the wind on the bow, but not close hauled.
See Also: reach

Term: close reefed (adj)
Definition: Describing a sail that has been shortened to the last line of reef points.

Term: closed cooling (adj)
Definition: Referring to a type of system for drawing excess heat from the engine by using fresh water that is recirculated through a heat exchanger.

Term: clove hitch (n)
Definition: A knot or bend used to secure a line temporarily to a spar, sometimes called a running hitch because the line does not turn back on itself. The clove hitch requires some strain to keep it secure, is easily unbent, and does not bind.
See Also: knot, hitch

Term: club (n)
Definition: A short boom sometimes fitted to the foot of a fore trysail to improve its shape and make it self tending; as in: “I secure the jib to the club just at the tack and clew, and leave the foot free.”

Term: club footed (adj)
Definition: Referring to a jib that has a short boom at the foot making the sail self tending and flatter.
See Also: self tending jib

Term: club haul (v)
Definition: To save a ship that will be caught in stays during a tack and be driven into danger, the lee anchor is let go to hold the ship while the sails were set on the new tack, then the anchor rode was cut. Such drastic action was taken only in the direst emergency.

Term: coaming (n)
Definition: 1) A part of the frame of a deck hatch or cabin trunk which is raised above deck level to keep out water. 2) A raised partition around the cockpit of small sailboats which keeps water from entering the cockpit well.

Term: coast (v)
Definition: 1) To sail along the shore. 2) To make a passage by following the shoreline rather than taking a more direct route offshore, a more prudent course usually chosen for safety reasons. 3) To sail from port to port along a coastline.
See Also: coaster

Term: coast (n)
Definition: The entire extent of land area adjacent to the ocean; as in: “A great deal of the Oregon coast is rocky and steep.”

Term: coast guard (n)
Definition: A branch of the government with a mission to protect the coastal waters of a country, administer and enforce legal and safety regulations in the nation’s waterways, maintain aids to navigation, and provide rescue service for mariners in distress. US Coast Guard
See Also: revenue cutter service

Term: coaster (n)
Definition: A ship that trades from port to port along a coastline.
See Also: coasting, cabotage

Term: coasting (n)
Definition: Sailing from port to port along a nation's coastline.
See Also: coaster, cabotage

Term: coble (n)
Definition: A Scots term for a style of sturdy flat-bottomed beach boat. Cobles are high-bowed clinker-built fishing boats of the northeast coast of England. Many were pulling boats or fitted with a dipping lugsail in the past, but recently some are equipped with diesel engines.
See Also: dory

Term: cockbill, cock-a-bill (adv)
Definition: Suspended on an angle, such as the anchor when it is boused to the cathead, or the yards when they are tilted to signify that the ship is in mourning.

Term: cockleshell (n)
Definition: A small flimsy boat.

Term: cockpit (n)
Definition: 1) An open well aft in a small sailboat at which the helmsman sits to steer, and which offers some protection and safety for the crew. 2) (archaic) The midshipman’s quarters, or the quarters of the boatswain and carpenter (fore cockpit).

Term: code flag (n)
Definition: A flag or pennant that is hoisted on a halyard to communicate from one ship to another, or to the shore.
See Also: signal flag
Blog Link: http://www.marinewaypoints.com/learn/flags/flags.shtml

Term: coffee grinder (n)
Definition: Slang term for a winch with opposing double handles used on racing yachts to quickly haul in sheets.
See Also: winch

Term: cofferdam (n)
Definition: A watertight structure for careening a ship, having walls on three sides from the bottom to a level above high water and a gate on the fourth side which can be sealed after the ship has been moved in and all the water pumped out so that work can be performed on the bottom of the ship.
See Also: drydock, grave

Term: coil (n)
Definition: A length of line that has been laid in a series of neat loops.

Term: coil (v)
Definition: To prepare a line for stowing by turning it in equal loops so that it is neat and orderly and ready for use.

Term: cold molding (adj)
Definition: Describing a type of small boat construction in which thin laminations afford the vessel great strength without the necessity of heavy internal support. The laminations are made of thin sheets of wood laid up against a molded shape, setting the grain of each layer at crossed angles, and fastening with epoxy glue.
See Also: eggshell, epoxy

Term: collar (n)
Definition: 1) A circle of rope that is fitted at the top of the mast to which the shrouds and stays are attached. 2) A ring protruding from the base of the mast above the partners on which the gaff boom rests when the sail is down.
See Also: thumbs

Term: collier (n)
Definition: A bulk cargo ship that hauled coal.
See Also: coaster, laker

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