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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: chute (n)
Definition: Parachute spinnaker.
See Also: spinnaker

Term: circumnavigate (v)
Definition: 1) To sail around a body of land and return to the starting point. 2) To sail completely around the earth; as in: “They set out to circumnavigate the globe.”

Term: cirrocumulus (n)
Definition: A cloud formation composed of small rounded white puffs in regular ranks at high altitude. A mackerel sky.

Term: cirrus (n)
Definition: wispy or feathery appearing clouds which form at altitudes above 5000 meters, composed of minute ice crystals.
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Term: clamp (n)
Definition: A reinforcing plank installed along the inboard edge of the gunwale of a wooden boat.
See Also: gunwale

Term: class (adj)
Definition: “Describing a common boat design used in production of a regulation racing sailboat, as in: “The Star class boats are not as interesting as the Lightnings.”
See Also: one-off, one design

Term: claw cleat (n)
Definition: British term for a cam cleat or jam cleat.
See Also: jam cleat, cam cleat

Term: claw off (v)
Definition: To desparately beat away from a lee shore.
See Also: lee, lee shore

Term: clean (adj)
Definition: Describing lines for a boat that should move through the water easily.

Term: clean breach (n)
Definition: The situation when a wave has swept completely over the deck of a ship taking all loose gear away over the side.
See Also: breach

Term: clear (v)
Definition: 1) To perform customs and immigration legalities prior to leaving port. 2) To bail water out of a boat. 3) To pass safely by a danger to navigation 4) To untangle lines that have become fouled.
See Also: clear the deck

Term: clear the deck (interjection)
Definition: A command given to the seamen to prepare a ship for battle by removing anything that is in the way, such as tools, cordage and any unnecesary gear, leaving space for the crewmen to move freely and quickly in the heat of battle.
See Also: clear

Term: cleat (n)
Definition: A deck fitting of metal or wood, having opposing horns around which a line is secured.
See Also: bitt, bollard

Term: cleat (v)
Definition: To secure a line around a cleat.

Term: clench nailed (adj)
Definition: Fastened with nails which have been driven all the way through the frame and planking and the ends hammered over.
See Also: rivet, fastener

Term: clevis (pron: klee-vis) (n)
Definition: A shackle, or U-shaped metal device with a removable pin through the opening (a clevis pin) used for connecting two pieces of deck equipment.

Term: clew (n)
Definition: The lower aft corner of a fore and aft sail, or the lower corner at the foot of a square sail.
See Also: tack, peak, leach, luff, foot

Term: clew (v)
Definition: To haul a squaresail up the the yard using lines secured to the clews, the first step in furling the sail.

Term: clew outhaul (n)
Definition: A line from the clew of the sail to the end of the boom used to stretch the foot of the sail taut.
See Also: outhaul

Term: clinker built (adj)
Definition: Constructed with overlapping planks that are through fastened to form a stepped appearance to the hull. The fastenings are rivets or clench nails. Variations: clench built, clinch built, clincher built.
See Also: lapstrake, shiplap

Term: clipper (n)
Definition: A fast sailing ship, usually with sleek lines and a large sail area. A vessel that could clip, or move fast. The term comes from the days of the tea clippers when fast ships would race from Asia carrying their precious cargo of tea to England.

Term: clock calm (n)
Definition: No wind at all. Dead calm.

Term: close aboard (adv)
Definition: Describing an object that is nearby one of the sides of the vessel.

Term: close hauled (adj)
Definition: Sailing as close to the wind as possible. Having the sheets hauled in, and pointing as high as is possible without the sails beginning to luff.
See Also: full and by

Term: close quarters (adv)
Definition: Lying so near another ship that there is no room to maneuver or to fire cannons.

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