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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: channelize (v)
Definition: To straighten a channel in a waterway by dredging and marking the limits of the deep water.

Term: chantey (pron: shan'-tee) (n)
Definition: A rhythmic folk song usually with a short repetitive chorus sung by sailors in time with the work they are doing. A sea chantey is a song telling a sea story in the lyrics, having a pronounced rhythm, usually led by the chanteyman and answered in the chorus by all hands. From the French "chanter" meaning to sing.
See Also: capstan chantey

Term: chanteyman (pron: shan'-tee-man) (n)
Definition: A singer of sea songs, especially sea chanteys. The crewman who leads the singing of chanteys, and thereby sets the rhythm of the work being done.
See Also: chantey, sea chantey

Term: charlie (n)
Definition: The phonetic term used on radio transmissions to represent the letter "c".
See Also: phonetic alphabet

Term: Charlie Noble, charlie noble, charlie nobel (n)
Definition: A short vent pipe that helps to exhaust stove gasses from the galley.
See Also: stack, dorade, ventilator

Term: chart (n)
Definition: A representative projection of a section of the earth covered by water, used by navigators to establish their position, plot courses, plan anchorages, and for researching many other useful pieces of information. (Lubbers beware: There is no such thing as a map on board ship.)

Term: chart (v)
Definition: To add new information and details to a chart.

Term: chart a course (v)
Definition: To plan a direction of travel by using a chart and taking into consideration all the variables such as the speed of the boat, winds, currents, tides, water depth, hazards, markers and time.
See Also: plot

Term: charter (v)
Definition: To hire a boat, or to operate a boat which is for hire.

Term: charter boat (n)
Definition: A boat which is operated for hire.

Term: cheek block (n)
Definition: A block which is fastened by one side face to a surface such as the mast, instead of suspended from the tang.
See Also: pulley

Term: cheeks (n)
Definition: 1) Supporting braces on each side of the mast on which the trestletrees rest. 2) The side faces of a block.

Term: chief (n)
Definition: A brief salutation used to address a chief petty officer in the US Navy or Coast Guard.
See Also: petty officer

Term: chine (n)
Definition: The edge formed on the hull of a flat bottomed or V-bottomed boat where the bottom joins the topsides.
See Also: hard chine, soft chine

Term: Chinese junk (n)
Definition: An asian ship featuring a high poop and several masts carrying full-battened square sails. The foremost mast is typically raked foreward over the bow.
See Also: junk, sampan

Term: chip log (n)
Definition: A piece of light board used to measure the ship’s speed over the water. In practice the board is bridled to a knotted line and tossed over the stern. The knots are counted to measure the distance traveled during a period of time, and those figures are used to calculate the ship’s speed. This technique is the origin of the term "knot" describing a speed of one nautical mile per hour.
See Also: taffrail log, patent log, knot

Term: chip, chips (n)
Definition: Offcuts of wood too short to be useful in shipbuilding.

Term: chock (n)
Definition: 1) Fairlead. A fitting mounted securely to the deck or cabin top through which lines are led. 2) A deck fitting used to secure moveable gear. Chocks are found on the foredeck for the light anchor, and on a deck area or cabin top for the launch.
See Also: anchor chock

Term: chockablock (adv)
Definition: Having the tackle hauled all the way in so that the blocks are touching and can travel no farther.
See Also: two blocked

Term: chop (n)
Definition: Short, steep isolated waves caused by local winds which give a small boat an uncomfortable action

Term: choppy (adj)
Definition: Having short steep waves; as in: “The bay seems choppy today.”

Term: chord (n)
Definition: In sail design, a straight horizontal line between the luff and the leech of the sail, used to describe the theoretical direction of the airfoil

Term: chronograph (n)
Definition: An instrument for measuring and recording elapsed time. A clock or watch which will measure and display elapsed time; used by navigators for computing in celestial navigation, or by racers, or by operators for timing a board between marks.

Term: chronometer (n)
Definition: An instrument for measuring time with great accuracy. The ship’s navigation clock.

Term: Chum weight (n)
Definition: A weight suspended from a dock line or anchor rode to reduce the shock of the movement of the boat. (UK)
See Also: sentinel, kellet

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