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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: caulk (v)
Definition: To fill the seams between planks of a boat with a material to prevent or stop leaks.

Term: caulking iron (n)
Definition: A tool used to drive caulking into a seam. The caulking iron resembles a sturdy chisel, but has a wide tapered blade shaped with an arc along the edge. Opposite the blade is a tang which is struck with a mallet.

Term: caulking, caulking compound (n)
Definition: A material that is driven into the seams between planks to stop leaks. Traditional caulking is loose cotton fibres which are hammered into the seam and payed with paint, after which the seam is faired with putty.

Term: cavitate (v)
Definition: To draw air under the water by the action of the propeller.

Term: cavitation (n)
Definition: The effect caused when air is drawn down into the water by a propeller, resulting in loss of power, overspending of the engine and propeller, and pitting of the metal surfaces of the propeller.

Term: cavitation plate (n)
Definition: A flat metal fitting mounted horizontally above the propeller of an outboard motor or outdrive, which helps direct the flow of water into the propeller and reduces cavitation
See Also: cavitation

Term: cay (pron: kay or key) (n)
Definition: A small low-lying tropical island.
See Also: key

Term: ceil (v)
Definition: To apply a sheathing or covering over the inboard edges of the frames of a wooden ship.

Term: ceiling (n)
Definition: The lining or inboard sheathing covering the frames of a wooden boat. Usually ceiling is light planking or slats covering the frames in cabin areas to provide insulation, deaden sound, reduce condensation and provide a more finished appearance. (Lubbers beware: the ceiling is located along the inboard sides of a ship, never overhead.)

Term: celestial horizon (n)
Definition: An imaginary plane through the observer at right angles to the local vertical. Astronomical horizon. (Thanks to Jim Mosher)
See Also: apparent horizon, geometric horizon

Term: celestial navigation (n)
Definition: The science of determining position by measuring angles between the horizon and known altitude of sun, moon, planets and stars.

Term: Celsius (adj)
Definition: Relating to the international temperature scale in which the temperature at which water freezes is zero, and the temperature at which water boils is 100 degrees. The difference between Celsius and Centigrade is technical and inconsequential. Named for the 19th century Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius. Abbrev: C.
See Also: centigrade

Term: center of gravity (n)
Definition: The hypothetical point at which the entire vessel might be suspended and remain at equilibrium. The point at which one can hypothetically presume the entire weight of the vessel is concentrated.

Term: centerboard (n)
Definition: A heavy retractable fin extending through the bottom of a small sailboat to provide stability, reduce leeway and improve the efficiency of the sail. A movable keel.
See Also: daggerboard, leeboard, drop keel

Term: centerboard case (n)
Definition: A narrow box inside the hull into which the centerboard retracts. The box is high enough to keep water from entering the boat.
See Also: centerboard trunk

Term: centerboard trunk (n)
Definition: A narrow box inside the hull into which the centerboard retracts. The box is high enough to keep water from entering the boat.
See Also: centerboard case

Term: centigrade (adj)
Definition: Relating to a temperature scale in which the difference between the freezing and boiling points of water at sea level is 100 degrees.
See Also: Celsius

Term: chafe (v)
Definition: To rub or wear from rubbing; as in: “A dock line is chafing on the rail.”

Term: chafing gear (n)
Definition: A wrapping or binding which can be sacrificed to protect more important or valuable gear from being damaged by rubbing. Chafing gear is made from scraps of leather boused around docklines where chafing occurs, but may also be made from unlaid rope which is wound around the shrouds to protect sails from wear. Other chafing gear is made from tires and hose pipe or canvas scraps.
See Also: baggy wrinkles, rub strake

Term: chain (n)
Definition: A length of heavy interconnected metal rings used as weight on ground tackle, for anchor rode, certain rigid rigging (such as a bobstay) and for heavy lifting.

Term: chain locker (n)
Definition: A forward compartment below deck where the anchor chain is stowed.
See Also: forepeak

Term: chainplate (n)
Definition: A stout metal strap bolted to the hull so that the top protrudes above deck level, to which the shrouds are secured.
See Also: tang

Term: chainwheel (n)
Definition: A special wheel on a winch shaped to accommodate the links of an anchor chain.
See Also: gypsy, wildcat

Term: channel (n)
Definition: The deepest part of a waterway, usually marked for safe passage of water traffic.

Term: channel marker (n)
Definition: An aid to navigation located alongside a navigable waterway.

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