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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: Canis Minor (n)
Definition: A constellation near Orion featuring the major star Procyon (literally: Lesser Dog.)

Term: canoe (n)
Definition: A light-weight narrow double ended boat, usually fabric stretched over a frame, and propelled by paddles. The traditional American Indian boat, widely used from the Arctic to the Caribbean (From the Arawak Indian); as in: “Keep your weight low so that you don’t tip the canoe.”
See Also: coracle, canoe stern

Term: canoe stern (adj)
Definition: Describing a vessel with a rounded shape to the hull in the stern, something like a canoe.
See Also: canoe, transom stern

Term: cant (n)
Definition: A cut made in the body of a whale behind the neck and used for hauling the body on board.

Term: cant purchase (n)
Definition: A long block and tackle arrangement mounted at the head of the mainmast and leading to a whale alongside and used for hauling the carcass aboard. The weight of the whale on the tackle would cause the ship to lean (cant).
See Also: block and tackle

Term: cant timbers (n)
Definition: Heavy frames at the bow and stern that are not perpendicular to the keel, but rather radiate at an angle to support the curving topsides of the hull.

Term: canty (adj)
Definition: Cheerful and active.(Scotch)

Term: canvas (n)
Definition: 1) A heavy, tightly-woven material made of flax, cotton or sometimes hemp, and used for making sails. 2) As a collective word, all the sails of a ship, as in: “Let’s get busy stowing the canvas.” 3) Sails, as in: “She is carrying a lot of canvas.”

Term: cap, capping (n)
Definition: 1) Finishing piece. 2) A heavy block of wood installed at the masthead for supporting a topmast.

Term: cape (n)
Definition: A promontory or headland protruding into a waterway. (ex: Cape of Good Hope)
See Also: peninsula

Term: capsize (v)
Definition: 1) to turn over a boat so that it lies keel up. A ship will usually sink, while a small boat may stay afloat on trapped air or natural buoyancy. 2) To twist a knot inside out in order to untie it, especially effective on the reef knot (square knot).

Term: capstan (n)
Definition: A bollard-shaped drum which rotates, and around which a hauling line is wrapped several times to get a purchase, for the purpose of lifting heavy weights such as the anchor.
See Also: winch, gypsy

Term: capstan chantey (pron: shan'-tee) (n)
Definition: A rhythmic sea song with a short repetitive answering chorus, sung by the crew as they trod around the capstan pushing on the bars to raise the anchor. The rhythm helped them to act in unison, and gave them heart for the hard work.
See Also: chantey, sea chantey

Term: captain (n)
Definition: 1) The operator or chief officer in charge of a vessel, as in: “You’d better ask the captain” 2) A naval officer having a rank comparable to full colonel. 3) A title of respect employed instead of Mr. for ship’s master, as in: “Captain Singer wants to see you in the wheelhouse.”
See Also: master

Term: captain of the fleet (n)
Definition: A temporary adjutant-general who is responsible for discipline aboard the ships of a fleet.

Term: captain's log (n)
Definition: The captain's journal, a complete record of all the daily events of a voyage, including navigation, weather, radio, ship's order and discipline, and may also note observations and comments.
See Also: deck log

Term: captain's mast (n)
Definition: A disciplinary hearing aboard a naval vessel at which the captain hears testimony about offences committed on the ship and administers appropriate punishment.

Term: car (n)
Definition: A movable block fastened to the traveler affording the main sheet tackle with a more vertical purchase.
See Also: traveler, main sheet

Term: caravel (n)
Definition: A ship of the 15th century with three masts carrying a mixture of lateen and square sails, shaped broad in the bow and with a high poop.
See Also: poop

Term: cardinal marks (n)
Definition: Buoys or daymarks set at one or more of the four cardinal points of the compass to warn of a hazard. Each of the four cardinal marks has a distinctive shape, color and light.
See Also: lateral marks, daymark, buoy

Term: cardinal point (n)
Definition: One of the four principal directions on the compass card, that is: North, South, East and West.

Term: careen (v)
Definition: 1) To moor a boat in the shallows so that when the tide falls the boat is left high and dry, for the purpose of cleaning and repairing the bottom. 2) To secure a boat to a seawall where the bottom is exposed at low tide, for the same purpose; as in “We can’t afford to haul the boat, so we’ll have to careen her.” 3) To haul a boat onto a beach, for the same purpose. Note: from the French "carene" meaning "keel".
See Also: haul, haul out, hard
Blog Link: http://seatalk.blogspot.com/2006/11/careen.html

Term: cargo (n)
Definition: The merchandise being transported in a merchant ship.

Term: cargo bay (n)
Definition: A large open area belowdecks used for stowing merchandise.

Term: cargo vessel (n)
Definition: A ship or boat designed and built for the sole purpose of carrying cargo.
See Also: passenger vessel

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