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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: cuddy (n)
Definition: 1) A very small cabin usually affording only sitting headroom on a small sailboat or launch. 2) A small cabin located under the poop. (archaic)

Term: cumulus (adj)
Definition: a type of massive white cloud having a rounded form and a flat base.

Term: cunningham (n)
Definition: A specialized downhaul used in some racing sailboats to adjust the shape of the luff of the sail. (Named for Briggs S. Cunningham II.)
See Also: luff, downhaul

Term: currach (n)
Definition: Any of the simple wicker and hide rowing boats of Ireland and Scotland.
See Also: coracle, kayak

Term: current (n)
Definition: A portion of a body of water that is moving or being transported in a horizontal direction; as in: “When the tide is rising the current can reach six knots.”
See Also: set, drift

Term: cut (n)
Definition: A narrow water passage between two headlands.

Term: cutlass bearing (n)
Definition: A ribbed rubber water-cooled bearing in the end of the through-hull fitting that supports the propeller shaft.

Term: cutter (n)
Definition: 1) A small, fast, fore and aft rigged sailboat in which the single mast is stepped just forward of the center line and which carries several fore sails. 2) A fast patrol vessel of the US Coast Guard.

Term: cutwater (n)
Definition: The forward edge of the stem at the waterline.

Term: cyclone (n)
Definition: A very large storm system which rotates around an area of low atmospheric pressure, creating high winds and heavy rain

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