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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: crance (n)
Definition: An iron band, at the end of a bowsprit, fitted with eyes to take the bowsprit shrouds and the bobstay. (Thanks to Tony Bell)

Term: crank (adj)
Definition: Describing a sailboat that heels easily in a breeze and will swamp or capsize if the sheets and helm are not carefully tended.
See Also: tender

Term: crest (n)
Definition: The highest point of ocean waves.
See Also: trough

Term: crest (v)
Definition: To reach the highest dimension of an ocean wave, as in: “The seas were cresting at 10 metres!”

Term: crew (n)
Definition: 1) The subordinate members of a ship’s company, or sometimes the entire ship’s company. 2) People who help the skipper of a sailboat.
See Also: company, complement

Term: crew (v)
Definition: To serve temporarily on board performing jobs under the direction of the master. Usually the term is applied to weekend racing situations; as in: “She will crew for you next Saturday.”

Term: crew list (n)
Definition: A document required by customs and immigration officials detailing the name, age, rank and nationality of all crewmembers.

Term: crimp (n)
Definition: A man who forced others to serve aboard ship, often by trickery or violence. (archaic); as in: “Only a fool would let a crimp buy the drinks.”
See Also: press gang, impress

Term: cringle (n)
Definition: A heavily reinforced grommet at the corner of a sail to which a line is fastened.
See Also: grommet

Term: cross current (n)
Definition: A flow of water which runs in a direction counter to or at an angle to the normal flow.

Term: cross the line (v)
Definition: To sail over the Equator, an event of much celebration on board ship.
See Also: Equator

Term: crossing (n)
Definition: The situation when the course of two vessels intersect in the danger zone, from nearly dead ahead to two points abaft the beam.
See Also: meeting, overtaking

Term: crossing seas, cross seas (n)
Definition: Ocean waves progressing in several directions at once.
See Also: confused seas

Term: crossing the line (v)
Definition: To sail across the equator into the other hemisphere. The event is usually celebrated with high-spirited antics and ceremonies.

Term: crosstrees (n)
Definition: Horizontal timbers mounted athwartships high on the mast against the ends of which the shrouds are led to increase the angle of the shrouds at the masthead.
See Also: spreaders
(Click on image to enlarge.)

Term: crotch (n)
Definition: A removable brace employed to support the boom when the sail is lowered.
See Also: gallows, tabernacle

Term: crow's nest (n)
Definition: A small lookout platform, usually partly enclosed, mounted high in the rigging.

Term: crowd (v)
Definition: To put up all the sails available in order to make good time.

Term: crown (n)
Definition: 1) The highest point of the deck. In plan drawings of a boat, the deck has an arch which allows water to run off, and the crown describes that curved line. 2) The part of an anchor where the shank and arms are joined.

Term: cruise (v)
Definition: 1) To sail for pleasure over a period of time stopping at ports along the way. 2) To operate a ship at a moderate speed.

Term: cruise (n)
Definition: A pleasure voyage, typically on a passenger ship, which makes stops at interesting ports.

Term: cruise to nowhere (n)
Definition: A passenger journey that begins and ends at the same U.S. port and does not touch any other port. Such cruises (which often emphasize gambling) allow foreign flag vessels to take advantage of a loophole in the U.S. cabotage laws which restrict passenger trade to U.S. flag vessels.
See Also: cabotage, passenger vessel services act

Term: cruiser (n)
Definition: 1) Battle cruiser; a heavily armed warship. 2) A boat that has living accomodations aboard and is capable of longer voyages.

Term: cruising speed (n)
Definition: The optimal speed of a vessel taking into account hull form, engine and propeller functions and fuel economy.

Term: crutch, boom crutch (n)
Definition: A removable brace fitted in place to support the boom when the sail is lowered.

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