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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: comeabout (adv)
Definition: In a new direction, turned across the eye of the wind.
See Also: come about

Term: cabin (n)
Definition: 1) A compartment below offering accommodations for passengers and crew. 2) A private compartment or room on a passenger ship.

Term: cabin boy (n)
Definition: A young boy who worked as a servant on board ship especially serving the captain and running errands; often referred to as “the boy” or “the ship’s boy”.
See Also: ship's boy

Term: cabin class (adj)
Definition: A calibre of accommodations on a passenger ship, less roomy and elaborate than first class.

Term: cabin cruiser (n)
Definition: A small power boat which offers some accommodations below for passengers and crew.

Term: cabin fever (n)
Definition: A state of anxiety caused by long confinement below deck in bad weather.

Term: cable (n)
Definition: 1) A large and very strong wire rope used on machinery to lift heavy cargo or tow nets and trawls. 2) A measurement of distance (archaic) roughly equal to 100 fathoms. 3) A very heavy rope measuring more than 10 inches in circumference. 4) An anchor rode.
See Also: cable length

Term: cable ferry (n)
Definition: A vessel for carrying cars and passengers across a waterway operated by an underwater cable.
See Also: ferry

Term: cable laid (adj)
Definition: Referring to the twisted nine strand rope The rope is made by twisting three rope parts, each part a twisted three strand rope.
See Also: rope, cable, hawser laid

Term: cable length (n)
Definition: A rough distance measurement of about 100 fathoms or 600 feet, 1/10 nautical mile, or about 185 m. depending on local custom.
See Also: cable laid

Term: cable ship (n)
Definition: A ship specially designed and operated to install and repair telecommunications cables laid on the seafloor.

Term: cable tier (n)
Definition: The belowdecks compartment where cable and rope were stored.

Term: cablet (n)
Definition: A relatively small cable, or cable laid rope having a circumference of less than 10 inches.
See Also: cable-laid, rope

Term: caboose, camboose (n)
Definition: 1) A wooden deck structure housing the ship's galley. (18th C, from the Dutch: kombuis) 2) A cooking stove and forge sometimes located on the gun deck.
See Also: galley

Term: cabotage (n)
Definition: The act of trading between ports along the coast of a nation.
See Also: coasting, coaster, Jones Act

Term: cadet (n)
Definition: 1) A student in training at a naval academy. 2) A rank of student officer aboard a training ship.

Term: caique (n)
Definition: 1) A light rowing boat common in the Bosporus. 2) A small sailing boat used in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Term: call (n)
Definition: A radio transmission hailing another ship or a station ashore, as in: “Give me a call on channel 72.”

Term: call (v)
Definition: To initiate a radio transmission hailing another vessel or a station ashore, as in: “If you need berthing assistance, call the harbourmaster on channel 72.”

Term: calm (adj)
Definition: Describing a weather situation with no wind and no seas.

Term: cam cleat (n)
Definition: A small fitting employing asymmetric rollers (cams), used in small sailboats to grab a sheet or halyard and hold it temporarily, and from which the line can be easily and quickly freed.
See Also: jam cleat, claw cleat (British)

Term: camber (n)
Definition: The arched shape of some decks and deckhouses.

Term: can (n)
Definition: A slang term for a floating aid to navigation having a flat top.
See Also: nun

Term: canal (n)
Definition: An artificial waterway that has been dredged and constructed to carry commercial vessels. (ex: Erie Canal, Panama Canal)
See Also: shipway

Term: Canis Major (n)
Definition: A constellation near Orion featuring the major star Sirius. (literally: Big Dog)

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