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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: bonnet (n)
Definition: An extra piece of canvas sewn onto the foot of a sail to add some more power.

Term: booby hatch (n)
Definition: A small hatch through the deck of a ship with a raised frame and a sliding cover. This hatch is especially useful when the decks are awash, since the high sides keep the water from pouring in, and the small size of the opening limits the amount of water than can splash in
See Also: hatch
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Term: boom (n)
Definition: 1) A spar on which the foot of a triangular sail is bent. 2) A spar that swings out from a derrick or mast to provide a purchase for lifting cargo or boats over the side. 3) A floating dam used to contain an oil spill; as in: “When you jibe, be careful to haul in the boom first to save wear on the rigging.”

Term: boom crutch, crutch (n)
Definition: A removable brace fitted in place to support the boom when the sail is lowered.

Term: boom jack (n)
Definition: Boom vang. Tackle leading downward from a bridle on the boom used to adjust the angle of the boom when sailing off the wind.
See Also: boom vang, vang

Term: boom traveler (n)
Definition: An arrangement of a wide metal bracket or horse often mounted on the cabin top or deck under the boom to which the sheet block is secured allowing it to move to the lee side at each tack.
See Also: horse, traveler

Term: boom vang, vang (n)
Definition: Tackle leading downward from a bridle on the boom used to flatten the sail and adjust the angle of the boom when sailing off the wind.
See Also: boom jack, jack

Term: boomkin (n)
Definition: A mizzen boom hanging well over the stern of a yawl or ketch. Bumkin
See Also: bumkin

Term: boot (n)
Definition: A wrapping or sheathing around the mast at the partners employed to keep water from going below.

Term: boot top (n)
Definition: A distinctive contrasting band painted on the hull at the waterline.
See Also: boot topping

Term: boot topping (n)
Definition: A special hard paint used to mark a distinctive contrasting band at the waterline of a vessel.
See Also: boot top

Term: Bootes (pron: beau-owe-tease) (n)
Definition: A constellation in the northern sky, in which can be found the major star Arcturus.

Term: bore (n)
Definition: A tide that fills very rapidly, rushing in with a wave piling up in front. A tidal bore is typical of areas such as the west shore of Nova Scotia where the tide has a substantial reach and a very long way to run over a gradually sloping bottom.

Term: bos'n (n)
Definition: Boatswain
See Also: boatswain

Term: bosun (n)
Definition: Boatswain
See Also: boatswain

Term: bosun's chair (n)
Definition: A seat usually made from a board which is used to hoist a sailor into the rigging to perform work.

Term: bottle fishing (obj)
Definition: A slang term for the practice of transporting liquor into the United States during prohibition in the 1920s, a trade that was easier, safer and much more profitable than fishing on the Grand Banks.
See Also: rumrunner

Term: bottom (n)
Definition: 1) The terrestrial surface submerged under a body of water. 2) The underwater surface of the hull of a ship. 3) A generalized term for a ship, as in: "The fleet consisted of 17 bottoms." 4) Low or marshy land adjacent to a waterway.

Term: bottom (v)
Definition: To run onto a shoal, so that the boat touches or runs aground. The term usually means that the ship touches or bumps the bottom of the waterway, but does not stop; as in: “On the Intracoastal Waterway, any boat will bottom from time to time.”

Term: bottom paint (n)
Definition: A specialized paint containing ingredients that are toxic to marine crustaceans and algea, applied to the bottom of boats to inhibit growth of such marine life which can substantially reduce the speed and range of the vessel.
See Also: barnacle, algae

Term: boucanier (n)
Definition: A 17th C. freebooter, known for poaching cattle on Caribbean islands, then smoking the meat to preserve it. The meat was called "boucan" from the French "boucane" (smoke).
See Also: buccaneer, pirate

Term: bouse (pron: bowz) (v)
Definition: 1) To haul in using block and tackle. 2) To secure something by wrapping with small stuff. 3) To haul the anchor horizontal and secure it so that it is clear of the bow wave.

Term: bow (n)
Definition: 1) The forward part of a ship; as in: “Go stand watch on the bow.” 2) The foremost outboard part of a ship; as in: “Notice how her bow cuts the water.”

Term: bow and quarter line (n)
Definition: A column of ships arranged so that each ship follows on the quarter of the ship ahead. With this type of convoy arrangement, each ship is clear of the wake of the ship ahead making it easier to keep up.

Term: bow grace (n)
Definition: Pieces of scrap rigged around the bow at the waterline to protect the hull from ice damage.

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