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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: blue peter (n)
Definition: The signal flag for the letter P, hoisted by a ship as the indication that it is preparing to leave port. The flag has a blue field with a white square in the center.
See Also: flag, signal
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Term: blue water (adj)
Definition: Describing deep water offshore beyond the continental shelf; as in: “She is a blue water sailor.”

Term: bluejacket (n)
Definition: An enlisted man in the navy.

Term: bluff (adj)
Definition: Having a broad or flat bow, like a barge.
See Also: fine

Term: board (n)
Definition: 1) The side of a ship; as in: “Put that by the board.” (over the side). 2) The stretch navigated by a boat on one tack while beating to weather.
See Also: leg

Term: board (v)
Definition: 1) To go onto a ship. 2) To attack or inspect the vessel without the master’s permission; as in: “Heave to! We are going to board you.”

Term: boarding ladder (n)
Definition: Temporary steps arranged over the side to assist people to climb on board the vessel.
See Also: accomodation ladder

Term: boarding party (n)
Definition: A group of people organised to go on board a vessel to attack or inspect, usually bearing arms.

Term: boat (n)
Definition: 1) A relatively small water borne vessel. Some seamen insist on a strict definition of a boat as a vessel that can be carried aboard ship, as a launch. In usage, however, a boat is any vessel used for recreation or sport. 2) A submarine.
See Also: yacht, launch, ship

Term: boat (v)
Definition: 1) To bring something inboard of a small vessel; as in: “Boat the oars as you come alongside.” 2) To go by boat.

Term: boat hook (n)
Definition: A long pole fitted with a hook or knob at one end, used for fending off or picking up lines at a dock or mooring, and also for numerous other tasks that are otherwise beyond reach over the side or aloft.

Term: boatbuilder (n)
Definition: One who designs and builds boats.

Term: boathook (n)
Definition: A shaft with a hook on the end used to reach objects over the side of the vessel.

Term: boatman (n)
Definition: 1) A commercial boat operator; a man who makes his living from boats. 2) A ferryboat operator; as in: “Call John the boatman, call, call again, For loud roars the tempest and fast falls the rain” (refrain from an old boating song).
See Also: waterman

Term: boatswain (pron: beau-sun) (n)
Definition: 1) A petty officer in charge of maintenance of the ship’s equipment, especially the sails, rigging and hull. 2) The leading seaman in charge of supervising the crewmembers when performing work on deck. 3) The petty officer in charge of.the ship’s stores, especially the supplies used to maintain the hull and rigging. 4) The operator of the ship’s motor launch.
See Also: bosun

Term: boatswain's chair (pron: beau-sun) (n)
Definition: A crotch sling often with a wooden seat that a sailor can step into and attach to a halyard so that he can go aloft with both hands free to work.

Term: boatswain's locker (pron: beau-sun) (n)
Definition: A compartment or chest containing tools and equipment needed to keep a ship operating and in good repair. A properly supplied locker will contain materials for repairing sails and spares of nearly every piece of equipment. There should also be paints and oils, gaskets, chain and rope, impellers, as well as all the proper tools for making repairs, painting, sewing, scraping, sealing and caulking.
See Also: boatswain

Term: boatswain's pipe (pron: beau-sun) (n)
Definition: A whistle with a shrill sound that can be modified by the handhold, used by the boatswain to call the men to work.

Term: boatwright (n)
Definition: A builder of small vessels.
See Also: shipwright, boatbuilder

Term: boatyard (n)
Definition: An area ashore next to a waterway where boats are built or hauled out for repairs.

Term: bobstay (n)
Definition: A wire or chain leading from the end of the bowsprit down to a chainplate at the forefoot, to counteract the upward pressure of the forestay.
See Also: martingale

Term: bollard (n)
Definition: A heavy post shaped wider at the top mounted along a wharf to which a ship’s dock lines are secured.
See Also: bitt, knighthead
(Click on image to enlarge.)

Term: bolster (n)
Definition: 1. Chafing gear made like a cushion and used to protect rigging from wearing. 2. Wood blocks fastened to the mast at the hounds over which the shroud eye splices rest.
See Also: hounds, chafing gear, rigging, gaff rig, shrouds

Term: boltrope (n)
Definition: A length of cordage sewn along the edges of a sail to reinforce it and reduce stretching.

Term: bone (in her teeth) (n)
Definition: The appearance of a boat sailing with exhilarating speed so as to create a prominent bow wave; as in: “Look at that ketch go! She’s got a bone in her teeth!” (The image comes to mind of a dog, merrily running with a bone.)

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