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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: bent frame (n)
Definition: A type of frame made to shape by steaming the wood and forcing it into the shape of the frame.
See Also: steam bent

Term: benthic (adj)
Definition: Relating to the bottom of the ocean, or the ocean depths.
See Also: abyssal

Term: benthos (n)
Definition: The common life forms that exist on the ocean floor.
See Also: benthic, pelagic

Term: bergy bit (n)
Definition: A large chunk of an iceberg showing about 5 m above sealevel, and 100 m or more in size.
See Also: iceberg, growler, icefloe

Term: Bermuda High (n)
Definition: High pressure weather systems and light winds, found about 35 degrees north (or south) of the equator. Northern Subtropical Divergence (NSD).
See Also: Northern Subtropical Divergence, horse latitudes

Term: Bermuda rig (n)
Definition: 1) An arrangement of sails and spars featuring a triangular fore and aft sail and a mast with a sharp rake, typical of native sailboats of Bermuda from the mid 19th C. 2) Marconi rig.
See Also: marconi rig, rake, rigging.

Term: Bernoulli effect (n)
Definition: 1) The function of fluid dynamics that tends to draw together two ships moving side by side. 2) The function that tends to accelerate fluid through a pipe submerged in a moving stream. 3) The function of wind accelerating through a restricted opening, such as between overlapping sails. (All of these definitions are wildly oversimplified.) After Daniel Bernoulli, 18th century scientist, known as the father of fluid dynamics.

Term: berth (n)
Definition: 1) Room to maneuver; as in “ Give that mark a wide berth,” or the space needed for a ship to swing on her mooring. 2) A place where a ship docks or lies alongside a dock. 3) A bunk where a seaman sleeps. 4) A job on board a ship; as in: “He was offered a berth on that schooner.”

Term: berth (v)
Definition: To bring a ship alongside a wharf; as in: “Berth the ship at dock five.”
See Also: dock

Term: berth deck (n)
Definition: The deck below where the sailors quarters are located.

Term: best bower (n)
Definition: The port anchor, or the working anchor.
See Also: small bower

Term: between the devil and the deep blue sea (adv)
Definition: Faced with a fearful dilemma; from the sailor's dread of the worst duty (hanging from a bosun's chair over the side to paint the seam they called "the devil") and drowning (the deep blue sea).
See Also: devil, pay

Term: bibb, bibbs (n)
Definition: A timber or timbers secured at the hounds which support the trestletrees.
See Also: hounds, trestletrees, crosstrees
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Term: bible (n)
Definition: A jargon term for the large porous stone used to scrub the decks.
See Also: bear, holystone

Term: Big Dipper (n)
Definition: The constellation Ursa Major, composed of seven prominent stars in the Northern sky forming the shape of a dipper; as in: The two stars forming the outside of the bowl of the Big Dipper point in the direction of the North Star, (Polaris).

Term: bight (n)
Definition: 1) A loop in a length of line. 2) The slack or unused portion of a line. 3) The entire length of a line between the working end and the bitter end. 4) An open bay formed by an indentation of the coastline.
See Also: knot, hitch

Term: bilge (n)
Definition: 1) The part of the bottom of a ship where the relatively flat shape begins curving up to form the topsides. 2) The deepest part inboard of a ship’s hull, where any leakage collects. 3) Nonsense, stupidity; as in: “He is just talking bilge.”

Term: bilge keels (n)
Definition: Secondary keels mounted at the turn of the bilge to reduce roll in heavy seas, improve tracking, and afford stable pads for landing beach boats.
See Also: drafts

Term: bilge pump (n)
Definition: A hydraulic pump installed at the lowest inboard part of the hull to bail out water.

Term: bilge stringer (n)
Definition: A stringer let into the frames at the location of the turn of the bilge.

Term: bilge water (n)
Definition: Leakage and spray that collects in the lowest interior part of the hull.

Term: bill (n)
Definition: 1) The pointed tip of the fluke of an anchor. 2) A list of the ship’s crew, or any itemised list, such as a record of the cargo on board.

Term: bill of health (n)
Definition: A document provided to a ship’s master by port health authorities indicating the state of health of the ship’s company and of the port from which the ship is sailing, as well as other ports to which the ship intends to sail. The procedure is a result of international agreements, with the intent to keep infectious diseases from spreading to otherwise healthy areas from the crew of visiting ships.

Term: bill of lading (n)
Definition: An itemised list of all the cargo on board, issued by a shipping company as a receipt and as a customs document.

Term: billethead (n)
Definition: A bitt mounted at the stem of a whaleboat for securing the harpoon pennant.

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