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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: beat, beating (n)
Definition: Sailing close to the wind. Sailing close hauled and tacking toward the direction of the wind.

Term: beats (n)
Definition: The pulsing in sound intensity of twin engines running at slightly different speeds. In practice, an experienced mariner will adjust the throttle of one engine until the pulsing stops.

Term: Beaufort Scale (pron: bo-furt) (n)
Definition: A classification of wind force into 12 categories commonly used by seamen (Named for Sir Francis Beaufort, 1858).
See Also: force

Term: becalmed (n)
Definition: Lying adrift for lack of wind to power the sails; as in: “After the storm passed we were becalmed for three days.”

Term: beck (n)
Definition: The reach of a coastal river that dries at low tide.
See Also: inlet

Term: becket (n)
Definition: 1) The metal ring extending from the end of a stationary block by which it is shackled in place. 2) A bight of line with an eye at one end through which the bitter end is passed and knotted so it will not slip through.
See Also: snorter, snotter

Term: becket bend (n)
Definition: A sheet bend.
See Also: knot, hitch

Term: bed (n)
Definition: The heavy fore and aft frames fastened to floor timbers on which a ship’s engine is mounted. Engine bed. (Lubbers beware: the place where a seaman sleeps is called a berth.)
See Also: berth, floor timbers

Term: bedding compound (n)
Definition: A thick yet viscous waterproof mixture which is laid down where fittings are to be fastened, to keep moisture out and prevent rot.

Term: beetle (n)
Definition: A heavy mallet used for driving caulking into a seam with a caulking iron

Term: before the mast (adv)
Definition: 1) Assigned to a work station forward of the main mast, and to quarters in the forecastle. 2) Assigned as a common sailor.

Term: before the wind (adv)
Definition: Describing a ship sailing on a run, with the wind astern

Term: belay (v)
Definition: 1) To secure a line by taking turns on a bit, cleat or pin To stop. To make fast. 2) Used as an imperative, to halt or stop; as in: “Belay that kind of talk!”

Term: belaying pin (n)
Definition: 1) A stout bar of metal or wood shaped so that the bottom half slips through a hole in a rail at the mast partners or between the shrouds, to which halyards may be secured. (The pin is removable so that a hitch that binds can be easily freed.) 2) The pin can be used as a club, which gives the term a secondary ironic meaning: one can “stop” someone by hitting him with a belaying pin
See Also: belay, pinrail

Term: bell (n)
Definition: A stroke of the ship’s bell, indicating a half-hour period of a normal four hour watch has passed. Starting at the beginning of a watch, one stroke is added each half hour until at watch change eight bells is struck. The strokes of a ship’s bell are rung in quick pairs. For example, five bells would sound DING DING ( pause) DING DING (pause) DING. 2) A navigation aid which has a bell on it.
See Also: ship’s bell, watch, bell buoy.
Blog Link: http://seatalk.blogspot.com/2005/12/bells-and-watches.html

Term: bell buoy (n)
Definition: A floating navigation aid anchored in place and having a bell mounted in the framework with a free-swinging clapper which sounds the bell as the buoy rolls in the seas. A bell buoy is usually mounted near a rock or shoal to warn of a serious danger to navigation. In common usage, the bell buoy would be referred to as simply a "bell".
See Also: gong, bell, whistle buoy, groaner.

Term: bellrope (n)
Definition: A lanyard fastened to the clapper of the ship’s bell.

Term: belly (n)
Definition: 1) The shape of a sail when filled, or the part of the sail that forms a rounded shape when filled. 2) The roach of a sail.
See Also: roach

Term: below (adv)
Definition: Any inboard part of the ship beneath the rigging or the main deck; as in: “Go below and get some rest.”

Term: belowdecks (adv)
Definition: Referring to the location of anything lower than the uppermost main deck of a ship.

Term: bench (n)
Definition: A thwart in a small boat, especially a thwart seat. A seat from gunwale to gunwale across the midline of the boat.

Term: bend (n)
Definition: A knot; as in: “Secure that line to the ring with an anchor bend.”
See Also: knot, hitch

Term: bend on (v)
Definition: To fasten or attach. To secure by hitching or tying a knot; as in: “Bend on the sails.”
See Also: hitch

Term: bends, the bends (n)
Definition: A painful and potentially fatal illness caused by nitrogen bubbles from the blood collecting in the joints, which can happen when a deep sea diver ascends from depth too quickly.

Term: bent (adj)
Definition: Tied or secured by hitches or knots; as in: “The awning is bent on the shrouds.”

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