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Term: buoy (n)
Definition: 1) A floating aid to navigation, which means a float bearing a number and color for identification which is anchored to the bottom to mark the sides of a navigable channel or the location of an obstruction 2) Any float used to mark the location of an object on the bottom, such as an anchor, mooring or lobster trap.
See Also: life buoy, danbuoy

Term: buoy (v)
Definition: 1) To mark the location of an object on the bottom by using an anchored float. 2) To support of hold on top of the water; to keep afloat.
See Also: life buoy

Term: buoyage (n)
Definition: The arrangement of buoys warning of shoals or marking safe channel access to a harbor.
See Also: buoyage system, buoy

Term: buoyage system (n)
Definition: A formal, well established code of rules and definitions for marking shoals and harbor entrances to permit safe shipping.
See Also: buoyage, buoy

Term: buoyancy (n)
Definition: 1) The tendency of certain materials and certain shapes to float on top of the water. 2) The degree of an object’s capacity to float on top of the water; as in: “That hull has a lot of reserve buoyancy.”
See Also: reserve buoyancy

Term: buoyant (adj)
Definition: Having the capacity to float; having buoyancy.

Term: burdened vessel (n)
Definition: The vessel that must give way in any meeting of two vessels on the water.

Term: burgee (n)
Definition: An identification signal flag shaped with two points at the fly. A typical modern burgee will signal membership in a particular yacht club.
See Also: flag

Term: burgoo (n)
Definition: A thick porridge much despised by seamen.
See Also: dog's body

Term: burton (n)
Definition: A handy tackle made up of several blocks and used for hauling up heavy objects or for tightening rigging.
See Also: Spanish windlass

Term: butt block (n)
Definition: A wooden block fastened behind a butt joint to add strength.
See Also: pulley

Term: butt, butt joint (n)
Definition: A place where two planks are joined at the ends without scarphing or overlapping.
See Also: scarph

Term: butterbox (n)
Definition: Derogatory term for a Dutch seaman

Term: butterfly (v)
Definition: To fake down a line on deck in open loops so that the line will pay out freely without binding or hockling. (Thanks to David Hoffmann)
See Also: ballentine

Term: buttocks (n)
Definition: Long curving reference lines on profile design drawings of a boat. The lines represent the outlines of equally spaced vertical longitudinal sections. To the experienced designer, the fairness and spacing of the buttocks lines reveal a great deal about the appearance and seaworthiness of the boat.

Term: button (n)
Definition: A raised ring around the loom of an oar to keep the oar from sliding out through the oarlocks.

Term: by and large (adv)
Definition: Describing a sailing course that is generally in the right direction but at times will be "by" or close to the wind, and at other times will be "large" with the wind on the quarter.
See Also: full and by

Term: by the head (adv)
Definition: Recommendation to the helm that deeper water lies ahead, under the bow.
See Also: down by the head

Term: by the head (adj)
Definition: Referring to a vessel that is overloaded forward and riding deeper in the bow.
See Also: down by the head (stern)

Term: by the lee (adv)
Definition: 1) A situation when a ship sailing downwind on one tack suddenly gets the wind on the other tack, threatening a jibe. A ship in such a situation is said to be caught by the lee, or brought by the lee. Often this happens in a following sea which can throw the stern over as the wave passes by the rudder. 2) Sailing downwind with the mainsail set on the same side as the wind.

Term: by the stern (adj)
Definition: Referring to a vessel that is overloaded astern and riding deeper aft.
See Also: down by the stern

Term: by the wind (adv)
Definition: Sailing as close to the wind as possible.
See Also: pinching

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