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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: broad on the beam (adv)
Definition: In the direction of one of the sides of the vessel. Abeam.
See Also: abeam

Term: broad reach (n)
Definition: Sailing with the wind abaft the beam.
See Also: downwind

Term: broadside (n)
Definition: 1) All of the guns on one side of a ship being fired at the same time. 2) Topsides or the side of a ship above the waterline. (archaic)

Term: brow (n)
Definition: Gangplank. A moveable ladder or ramp used for boarding a vessel from the dock.

Term: brume (n)
Definition: Mist or light fog; as in: “Through the brume he could see the Cape Fear Light.”
See Also: fog

Term: buccaneer (n)
Definition: A pirate or freebooter of the Caribbean, from the French "boucane" (smoke) and "boucan" (smoked meat). Early rogue ships stopped at islands in the Caribbean to poach cattle, which were butchered then preserved by smoking the meat. Later the term was applied to pirates. (Thanks to John Hutchinson)
See Also: boucanier, pirate, freebooter

Term: buck, bucking (v)
Definition: To support a clench nail or rivet head firmly against a heavy iron mallet while another workman secured the fastener from the opposite side of planking.
See Also: rivet, clench nail

Term: buffet (v)
Definition: 1) To rattle and shake back and forth, as the sails and rigging, under the force of a strong wind. 2) To strike repeated blows, as with a powerful and gusty wind.

Term: bugeye (n)
Definition: A flat bottomed ketch rigged sailboat having sharply raked masts. This classic boat is typical of the Chesapeake, where it was used frequently as a clam boat, and performed dredging while under sail.
See Also: skipjack

Term: bulb keel (n)
Definition: A fin keel having a large heavy shaped weight at the very bottom to increase its lateral stability.

Term: bulbous bow (n)
Definition: A round protrusion at the forefoot below the waterline of larger ships which affords greater speed, fuel efficiency and range. The design feature increases efficiency by 10 to 15% at speeds in excess of 6 knots.
See Also: forefoot

Term: bulkhead (n)
Definition: 1) A partition separating areas below, like a wall. 2) Any vertical partition or wall in a ship. (note: there is no such thing as a wall on board ship.)
See Also: watertight bulkhead

Term: bullseye (n)
Definition: A fairlead, usually made of lignum vitae, fashioned with a hole for the line to run through, and a channel carved in the outer perimeter as a seat for a tether.
See Also: fairlead

Term: bulwarks (n)
Definition: The sides of a ship raised above the deck level, usually a very substantial emplacement which kept seas from washing on deck and provided cover for marksmen during warfare.
See Also: toerail

Term: bumboat (n)
Definition: A small commercial vessel used to bring provisions and supplies from shore to ships in port or offshore or lying at anchor. The door to door salesman of the harbour, the bumboat skipper sold tobacco, beer, fresh vegetables, ice, meat, books, cordage, fishing gear and other goods that were hard to get at sea; as in: “When the bumboat comes, see if there is fresh lettuce.”
See Also: storeship

Term: bumkin (n)
Definition: Boomkin. A mizzen boom hanging well over the stern of a yawl or ketch.
See Also: boomkin

Term: bumper (n)
Definition: There is no such term used correctly on board ship.
See Also: fender

Term: bumpkin (n)
Definition: boomkin.
See Also: boomkin, bumkin

Term: bung (n)
Definition: A piece of scrap wood roughly shaped to fit a hole in the hull and hammered in to provide a temporary repair.

Term: bunk (n)
Definition: A bed on board ship. A berth. The place where a seaman sleeps.
See Also: berth, pipe berth, hot bunk

Term: bunk board (n)
Definition: A rail or partition that can be installed at the edge of a berth to help keep a seaman from rolling out of bed when the seas are high.
See Also: fiddle

Term: bunker (n)
Definition: A compartment for storage of the ship’s fuel.

Term: bunt (n)
Definition: 1) The central part of a square sail. 2) The middle part of a square sail when it has been temporarily furled by bunching it up at the center of the yard.

Term: bunting (n)
Definition: 1) A loosely woven material used for making flags and pennants. 2) Collectively, all the flags and pennants of a ship; as in: “You will dress the ship for Christmas by flying all the bunting.”

Term: buntline (n)
Definition: One of the lines used to haul a squaresail up to the yard for furling.

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