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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: breadth (n)
Definition: The width or beam of a ship at its widest point across the deck. The term is used in admeasurement of a ship.
See Also: admeasure

Term: break (v)
Definition: 1) To scrap or dismantle a ship. 2) To fall (referring to wave water) down the face of a wave.
See Also: breaking yard, breaker

Term: break (n)
Definition: The joint or step between two deck levels.

Term: break out (v)
Definition: To bring a piece of equipment out of storage and put it into service.

Term: breaker (n)
Definition: An ocean wave which piles up high enough for the top to fall down the leading face.

Term: breaking yard (n)
Definition: A beach or shipyard where ships are taken apart for scrap.
See Also: break

Term: breakwater (n)
Definition: A structure like a wall built in the sea to provide protection from heavy ocean waves for a harbour or beach.
See Also: jetty

Term: bream (n)
Definition: A spiny fish of the family Sparidae.

Term: bream (pron: breem or brim) (v)
Definition: To clean the bottom of a ship using torches and scrapers.

Term: breast hook (n)
Definition: The joint in the heavy timbers of a wooden boat that firmly connects the keel and the bow timbers.

Term: breasthook (n)
Definition: A triangular wood fitting installed aft of the stem at deck level to strengthen the bow.

Term: breech (n)
Definition: The opening in a block through which a line is rove.
See Also: breach

Term: breeches buoy (n)
Definition: A canvas seat shaped like breeches (pants) suspended under a life buoy which is swung from a tight hawser by a snatch block and used for hauling a man from one ship to another, or from a shipwreck to the shore.

Term: bridge (n)
Definition: 1) An elevated thwartships platform on which the wheelhouse is mounted. 2) The wheelhouse and navigation station where the ship is operated, and where the ship’s business is conducted; as in: “The captain wants to see you on the bridge.”

Term: bridle (n)
Definition: 1) A wire mounted transversely on deck of a small sailboat to which the main sheet block is secured allowing it to slide to the lee side at each tack. 2) A loop of line from the quarters on which a dinghy painter may slide for better towing. 3) Any loop of line that affords a lifting or towing purchase at two points.
See Also: traveler, horse

Term: brig (n)
Definition: 1) A two-masted square rigged ship. 2) A place on board ship used for temporary confinement, like a jail cell; as in: “Throw him in the brig.”

Term: brigantine (n)
Definition: A two masted ship square rigged at the foremast and schooner rigged at the main. A Hermaphrodite brig.
See Also: brig

Term: bright (adj)
Definition: Describing wooden boat features that are finished with varnish or oil so that the beauty of the wood grain is visible.
See Also: bright deck

Term: bright deck (n)
Definition: A wooden planked deck that has been varnished or oiled, rather than coated in paint or canvas.
See Also: bright, brightwork

Term: brightwork (n)
Definition: 1) Polished metal fittings and ornaments on board a naval ship. 2) Decorative woodwork which is varnished to a high lustre; as in: “With all that brightwork, you can tell she’s not a working boat.”
See Also: bright deck

Term: brine (n)
Definition: 1) Seawater with a high salt content. 2) The sea, poetic usage. 3) Foam which gathers at the edges of seawater on the beach.

Term: Bristol fashion (adj)
Definition: In good order, shipshape. The term describes a yacht on which every detail has been seen to: lines coiled and flemished, brass polished, varnish glossy, sails neatly brailed, decks spotless, and all gear properly stowed. (From the city of Bristol, England); as in: “She was a lovely yacht, and was always kept Bristol fashion”

Term: brit (n)
Definition: floating marine vegetation such as sargassum or gufweed. (archaic; from Moby Dick)
See Also: gulfweed, sargassum

Term: broach, broach to (v)
Definition: To turn the ship broadside to heavy seas, or lose control of steering in following seas so that the ship is turned broadside to the waves. An extremely dangerous situation in steep seas since the ship may trip on the keel and be rolled over into a capsize; as in: “Either heave to or carry enough sail to keep way on so you don’t broach.”
See Also: following sea

Term: broad on (adv)
Definition: In the general direction of. ex: “broad on the port bow” describes the general direction forward of the beam on the port side.

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