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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: anchor watch (n)
Definition: Crewmen assigned to keep watch over the ship while at anchor. In practice they monitor the position of the ship to detect movement of the anchor, keep an eye on the weather, and see that running machinery is in order.
See Also: watch

Term: anchorage (n)
Definition: A location suitable for anchoring a ship, usually sheltered, and affording relatively shallow water. A location where ships customarily anchor.
See Also: designated anchorage

Term: anemometer (n)
Definition: An electronic weather instrument that indicates the speed and direction of the wind.
See Also: wind speed indicator

Term: aneroid barometer (n)
Definition: An instrument which measures and displays atmospheric pressure on a scale, and which functions without the use of liquid. The needle is connected to a metal box which has been evacuated of almost all air. One surface of the box flexes with changing atmospheric pressure. The readings are interpreted to predict changes in the weather.
See Also: barometer

Term: angle of attack (n)
Definition: The acute angle between the chord of an airfoil (sail) and the relative wind. The term applies to a sail only when the relative wind is forward of the beam.
See Also: chord

Term: angle of depression (n)
Definition: The angle formed by the line of sight and the horizontal plane for an object below the horizon (nav) The angle in degrees of a circle of a celestial body below the horizon

Term: angle of elevation (n)
Definition: The angle formed by the line of sight and the horizontal plane for an object above the horizon (nav) The angle in degrees of a circle of a celestial body above the horizon

Term: angle of incidence (n)
Definition: The angle that a line (the light of a star) falling on a surface makes with the perpendicular of the surface at the point of incidence. (nav)

Term: Antares (n)
Definition: A giant red star located in the constellation Scorpio. (nav)

Term: anti-fouling paint (n)
Definition: Bottom paint that is laced with chemicals that inhibit marine growth.
See Also: bottom paint

Term: antitrades (n)
Definition: The prevailing westerly winds of the middle latitudes. The winds to the north of the trade winds which blow in the opposite direction Since the early square rigged ships could not sail to weather, they had to cross to the New World on the trades, and return by a more Northerly route in the antitrades. .
See Also: Westerlies

Term: apeak (adv or adj)
Definition: In a vertical position, or as nearly vertical as possible. as in: “Haul the gaff apeak.” (or) “They approached the dock smartly with port oars apeak.” (tossed).
See Also: peak, toss oars

Term: aport (adv)
Definition: On or toward the port side of a ship; as in: “Come ten degrees aport.”
See Also: port

Term: apparent horizon (n)
Definition: The plane where the earth and the sky seem to meet.
See Also: horizon
Blog Link: http://seatalk.blogspot.com/2006/03/which-horizon.html

Term: apparent time (n)
Definition: The time of day indicated by the hour angle of the sun; i.e. apparent noon locally would be the moment when the sun is at its zenith. A properly mounted sundial indicates apparent time. The concept is employed when making navigation calculations. A sun sight at noon and a simple calculation can produce a very accurate line of longitude
See Also: sun time

Term: apparent wind (n)
Definition: The effective wind direction and speed derived from the combination of the true wind and the motion of the sails through the air. In practice the apparent wind can be greater than the true wind, and result in the boat travelling faster than the wind speed.
See Also: true wind

Term: apron (n)
Definition: 1) The area on the waterfront side of a wharf or pier, usually an area where cargo is prepared for loading. 2) A parking area adjacent to the runway on an aircraft carrier. 3) Keelson

Term: aquaplane (n)
Definition: A board which is towed at high speed behind a motorboat with a yoke with which a person can hold on while standing.
See Also: water ski

Term: aquatic (adj)
Definition: Of or having to do with water; as in: “He was not good at aquatic sports.”

Term: arctic (adj)
Definition: Of or relating to the Arctic Ocean.

Term: Arctic Ocean (n)
Definition: The North Polar ocean, mostly covered by a thick ice cap.
See Also: ocean

Term: Arcturus (n)
Definition: A giant fixed star of the first magnitude in Bootes. (nav)

Term: argosy (n)
Definition: An extremely large ship or fleet of ships, especially merchant ships. (arch)

Term: ark (n)
Definition: Any bulky or awkward ship which carries a large amount of cargo.

Term: arm (n)
Definition: 1) A branching waterway from a harbor or bay. 2) The crosspiece of an anchor from the crown to flukes.
See Also: anchor, crown

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