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The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Database: Search Results

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Term: algae (n)
Definition: Aquatic plants such as seaweed which thrive near the surface and often fasten to rocks, pilings and the bottoms of ships.
See Also: bottom paint, barnacle

Term: alidade (n)
Definition: A sighting instrument for measuring direction; a part of the ancient astrolabe which was a predecessor to the sextant.
See Also: astrolabe

Term: allision (n)
Definition: An event when a ship strikes a fixed object, such as a reef, dock or piling.
See Also: collision

Term: aloft (adv)
Definition: Toward or in the rigging above the deck; as in: “Send a man aloft to clear that halyard.”

Term: alongshore (adv)
Definition: Near the coast, or parallel to the beach; as in: “There was a strong current alongshore.”

Term: alongside (adv)
Definition: 1) Next to or against the rail of a ship. 2) Next to or against a pier, wharf or dock; as in: “maneuver carefully when coming alongside.”

Term: aloof (adv)
Definition: In the distance or far off. (archaic)

Term: alpha (n)
Definition: The phonetic term used on radio transmissions to represent the letter "a".
See Also: phonetic alphabet

Term: Altair (n)
Definition: A first magnitude star often used in celestial navigation

Term: altitude (n)
Definition: The angle between the horizon and a celestial body. In practice, the celestial navigator will consult tables to estimate the azimuth and altitude of each star line he will attempt, and preset the sextant as an aid to identification of the star or planet. Then he will measure the exact altitude of the body and use that figure to calculate a line on the chart.

Term: ama (n)
Definition: The heavy outrigger float of a proa or other catamaran.
See Also: vaka, proa, catamaran

Term: amidships (adv)
Definition: At or toward the part of a ship halfway between the bow and stern; the middle, or waist; as in: “The cat likes to sleep on the hatch cover amidships.”
See Also: midships

Term: amphibian (adj)
Definition: Describing a vessel that can operate on both land and water.
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Term: amplitude (n)
Definition: A measurement of the arc between true East or West and the plane of a selected star or planet at a precise moment in time.

Term: amplitude modulation (AM) (adj)
Definition: Describing a carrier wave of a radio signal which is modified by changing the height of the waves to carry meaningful information such as voice or data.
See Also: frequency modulation (FM)

Term: analog (adj)
Definition: A readout of an instrument which is displayed with a dial and pointer rather than numerically.
See Also: digital

Term: anchor (n)
Definition: A heavy metal device which is lowered overboard on a line, and which digs into the bottom of the waterway to hold a ship in position against the wind and current.

Term: anchor (v)
Definition: To temporarily secure a ship to the seabed by lowering a hook or weight which takes hold of the bottom.
See Also: moor

Term: anchor ball (n)
Definition: A black ball hoisted in the rigging forward to indicate in daytime that the ship is at anchor.
See Also: anchor light

Term: anchor bell (n)
Definition: A warning bell mounted on deck forward and rung while at anchor in fog.
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Term: anchor bend (n)
Definition: A knot used to secure the end of a line to the anchor in a small boat.
See Also: knot, hitch

Term: anchor chock (n)
Definition: The arrangement of pads mounted on deck to which a light anchor may be secured when not in use.
See Also: chock

Term: anchor light (n)
Definition: A single white light showing 360 degrees displayed high in the rigging or at the masthead at night when a vessel is at anchor.
See Also: anchor ball, riding light

Term: anchor ring (n)
Definition: A large ring in the end of the shank of an anchor to which the rode is attached.

Term: anchor rode (n)
Definition: The line or chain connected to the anchor.
See Also: rode

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