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Term: aback (adv)
Definition: With sails set on the weather side so that they slow the ship, a situation usually caused by inattentive helmsmanship. On occasion a sail is set aback on purpose to manoeuvre the ship. Ashore, the term "taken aback" means surprised by a sudden change of circumstances.
See Also: three sheets to the wind, taken aback

Term: abaft (adv)
Definition: Toward the stern, as in: In a yawl rig, the mizzen is stepped abaft the rudder post.

Term: abandon ship (v)
Definition: To leave the ship in the face of disaster, as in: The captain has ordered us to abandon ship.
Blog Link: http://seatalk.blogspot.com/2006/01/grab-and-go.html

Term: abandon ship (interjection)
Definition: An order given by the senior officer to go to lifeboats and leave the vessel in the face of disaster that is beyond control.
See Also: abandon ship (v)
Blog Link: http://seatalk.blogspot.com/2006/01/grab-and-go.html

Term: abeam (adv)
Definition: To the side of a ship, or in a direction 90 degrees off the bow or stern, as in: When the light lies abeam, we will alter course to 220 degrees.

Term: able seaman (n)
Definition: An experienced deckhand competent to perform routine duties on board ship. (In merchant service a specific job category and description of a position on board, his rank or job classification, payroll level, union or merchant certificate, as in: We need one more able seaman to complete the crew roster.)

Term: able-bodied seaman (n)
Definition: Able seaman.

Term: aboard (adv)
Definition: 1) On or in a vessel, as in: He stowed his gear aboard. 2) Alongside or near a vessel, as in: She sailed close aboard.

Term: above board (adj)
Definition: Without trickery or deceit, from the days when a pirate ship would approach its prey with most of the crew hiding below, giving the impression of a casual meeting at sea.
Blog Link: http://seatalk.blogspot.com/2007/08/above-board.html

Term: abovedeck (adv)
Definition: Referring to the location of anything higher than the uppermost main deck of a ship, but not aloft.

Term: abreast (adv)
Definition: Situated nearby and to the side of the ship. Off the beam.

Term: abyss (n)
Definition: An area of ocean that is profoundly deep.
See Also: deep sea, deeps

Term: abyssal (adj)
Definition: Referring to profound ocean depths.
See Also: benthic

Term: abyssal plain (n)
Definition: A relatively flat and regular area of ocean floor covered by profound depths of water.
See Also: abyss

Term: accommodation ladder (n)
Definition: A lightweight stairway temporarily suspended over the side or stern to allow access from small boats or from the water.
See Also: boarding ladder

Term: aclinic line (n)
Definition: An imaginary line on a chart showing locations where there is no dip to a magnetic compass, ie, where a vertically mounted magnetic compass will point to the horizon
See Also: dip

Term: acoustic navigation (n)
Definition: The use of a sonic sounder to gauge water depth and bottom features for information to determine a ship's location.
See Also: sounding, sonar

Term: action (n)
Definition: The pitch, roll and yaw of a ship; the way a ship moves other than forward in a seaway, as in: “Her action was slow and comfortable.”

Term: admeasure (v)
Definition: To take measurements of a ship, usually for insurance or documentation purposes. To determine the relative proportions of a ship, a task customarily done by a surveyor.

Term: admeasurements (n pl)
Definition: The relative proportions of a ship. The entire body of figures representing the legal measurements of a ship, used for documentation.

Term: admiral (n)
Definition: 1) A commissioned officer in the navy with a rank above vice-admiral, designated by four stars in the U.S. Navy. 2) The form of address for any flag officer of the navy.

Term: admiral of the fleet (n)
Definition: Title of the chief officer of the British Navy.

Term: Admiralty (n)
Definition: The British governmental department that once managed and supervised the operation of the Navy.

Term: admiralty law (n)
Definition: The private international legal agreements that govern the way ships operate and do commerce on the high seas.
See Also: maritime law, law of the seas

Term: admiralty mile (n)
Definition: A nautical mile.

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